The Legendary Power Swords in Warhammer 40K Lore You Can Play With on The Tabletop

In our exploration of the captivating universe of Warhammer 40K, we're delving deep into one of its most revered components: the Legendary Power Swords! These aren't just any power swords; they transcend mere tools of warfare, embodying ideals of honor, resilience, and the indomitable power of the Imperium.
Legendary Power Swords Warhammer 40K
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So, grab your favorite mug of recaf (or amasec, if that’s more your style) and settle in as we take a journey through the lore and tabletop battles of Warhammer 40K’s legendary Power Swords.

Trust me, it’s gonna be a wild ride – one that even the Emperor himself would approve of! He has every reason too 🙂

How we shortlisted the power swords in this article:

  • Firstly, the power swords must be not mere figments of imagination but tangible, pulsating entities within the lore with legendary feats.
  • Secondly, the power swords must be usable in the tabletop game. No fun otherwise. 🙂
  • Thirdly, the craftsmanship of these power swords adheres (as much as possible) to the traditional forges and smithing lore of the Warhammer 40K universe.

Warhammer 40K’s Iconic Power Swords on the Tabletop

Power SwordLore Abilities Current Wielder
The Raven SwordRazor-Sharp, Ageless Edge, Immunity to Psychic ManipulationSammael, Grand Master of the Ravenwing
The Sword of SilenceRazor-Sharp, Ageless Edge, Immunity to Psychic ManipulationBelial, Grand Master of the Deathwing
The Sword of SecretsRazor-Sharp, Ageless Edge, Immunity to Psychic ManipulationSupreme Grand Master Azrael
The Black Sword of SigismundWeightless, Razor-Sharp, Ageless EdgeThe Emperor’s Champion
Sword of the High MarshalsEnhanced Durability, Precision Strikes, Ageless EdgeHigh Marshal Helbrecht
FealtyRadiant, Teleportation, Indestructible EdgeLion El’Jonson
The Emperor’s SwordFlaming Sword, Generate Protective Forcefields, True Death, Unmatched Sharpness, Corruption ResistanceRoboute Guilliman
The table of the Legendary Power Swords in Warhammer 40K

The Raven Sword

Sammael with the Raven Sword from W40K The Lost Crusade
Sammael with the Raven Sword from W40K The Lost Crusade Mobile Game

The Raven Sword stands as a beacon of honor and power among the Dark Angels, the most secretive of the Space Marine Chapters.

This revered Power Sword is wielded by Sammael, Grand Master of the Ravenwing, marking him as a warrior of unparalleled prowess in times of dire need.

The Raven Sword is one of the illustrious Heavenfall Blades, a quartet of legendary weapons borne only by the highest echelons of the Dark Angels’ Inner Circle.

Origins and Significance

The Raven Sword is an ancient weapon, over 10,000 years in age with a blade of pure obsidian. Forged from the heart of a meteorite that struck The Rock, the mobile fortress-monastery of the Dark Angels, each blade is imbued with celestial might and ancient mystery.

Apart from the Raven Sword, this celestial arsenal includes the Sword of Secrets, carried by Azrael, the Supreme Grand Master; the Sword of Silence, wielded by the Master of the Deathwing; and the Fellbane, each with its own storied past and bearer of significance.

Together, these Heavenfall Blades symbolize the Dark Angels’ eternal quest for redemption and their unyielding commitment to the Imperium’s defense.

In their edge lies the destruction of the Chapter’s enemies and the safeguarding of its darkest secrets, weaving a legacy of valor, mystery, and an unbreakable bond of brotherhood.

Its impact on the Warhammer 40K Universe

Sammael’s exploits are numerous and legendary. His mastery of the Raven Sword was notably displayed in the defense of the Imperial world of Piscina IV, where his strategic genius and martial prowess turned the tide against a formidable Ork Waaagh!

The Raven Sword, wielded with unmatched skill, cleaved through the green tide, serving as a beacon of hope amidst the chaos.

The Raven Sword in the Arks of Omen Campaign

Illustration of an Arks of Omen Space Battle – Source

Furthermore, in the Arks of Omen Campaign, particularly during the Battle of Idolatros, Sammael’s valor and strategic acumen were once again at the forefront of the Dark Angels’ efforts against the forces of Chaos.

Leading a Ravenwing detachment from his flagship, the Implacable Justice, Sammael played a pivotal role in boarding the Ark of Omen Netherworld Blade.

This daring operation saw Sammael and his Ravenwing joined by reinforcements from several Unforgiven strike forces, demonstrating the unity and resolve of the Dark Angels and their successor chapters in the face of dire threats.

The boarding action against the Netherworld Blade was a testament to the Ravenwing’s prowess in rapid assault and close-quarters combat.

Supporting capital ships of the Unforgiven fleet systematically disabled the Ark of Omen’s engines, allowing Sammael and his forces to engage the enemy directly within the confines of their own vessel.

Despite the Ark’s destructive countermeasures, which resulted in the loss of the Redoubtable and significant damage to five other vessels, the Unforgiven’s determination saw them through.

By the time Sammael and his detachment withdrew, the Netherworld Blade was left a shattered, hollowed-out ruin, a significant blow to the Chaos forces assembled in the Idolatros System.

Raven Sword’s Unique Abilities on the Tabletop

While specific, detailed descriptions of its abilities and powers are not exhaustively detailed in canonical sources, the Raven Sword is said to have a razor-sharp edge that never dulls, allowing it to cut through armor, flesh, and possibly even psychic barriers with ease.

Additionally, the wielder of the Raven Sword may find their willpower and mental fortitude significantly enhanced, making them immune to psychic manipulation, fear, and other forms of mental attack.


On the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop, the power sword mirrors Sammael’s unmatched skill and the ancient secrets he protects. Amidst the chaos of conflict, The Raven Sword, wielded with unmatched speed, allows Sammael to strike with a precision that overwhelms the enemy.

With each masterful swing, its ‘Sustained Hits 2’ trait ensures that a roll of six becomes a tempest of blows, each one striking with the force of vengeance, a testament to the relentless zeal of the Dark Angels.


The Sword of Silence

Belial Artwork by Michael Schierup
Belial Artwork by Michael Schierup (Source)

Currently wielded by Grand Master Belial of the Deathwing, the Chapter’s elite 1st Company, this revered artefact symbolizes the pinnacle of the Dark Angels’ martial prowess and their unyielding commitment to secrecy and redemption.

Under his guidance, the power sword continues to be a beacon of hope and a bringer of silent death to the enemies of the Imperium.

As long as Belial wields the Sword of Silence, he carries the legacy of the Dark Angels’ secretive mission and their undying loyalty to the Emperor.

Impact on the Warhammer 40K Universe

The Sword of Silence, through its wielder, plays a pivotal role in the Dark Angels’ most secretive and critical missions.

Battle of Piscina IV: Stand Against the Green Tide

At Piscina IV, amidst an Ork onslaught led by Ghazghkull Thraka, Company Master Belial, with the Sword of Silence in hand, mounted a critical counterattack. Despite being severely outmatched and personally targeted by Ghazghkull, Belial’s strategic prowess turned the tide.

His leadership, bolstered by the ancient weapon’s might, was pivotal in holding back the Orks until Dark Angels reinforcements could secure the planet.

This act of bravery not only saved Piscina IV but also set the stage for Belial’s rise to Master of the Deathwing.

Belial with the Sword of Silence
Belial with the Sword of Silence from the W40K Eternal Crusade

Siege of The Rock: Guardianship Against Chaos

During the Siege of The Rock in the Arks of Omen Campaign, Belial, now the Deathwing’s Master, showcased the strategic depth granted by the Sword of Silence.

Tasked by Supreme Grand Master Azrael to lead the fortress’s defense, Belial’s guidance was instrumental in thwarting the Chaos forces.

Even when gravely injured in the Battle of Idolatros, the determination and unity inspired by the Sword of Silence ensured that the Dark Angels’ bastion stood resilient.

Through these battles, the Sword of Silence has woven itself into the fabric of the Dark Angels’ storied legacy, symbolizing their eternal vigil against darkness.

The Sword of Silence’s Abilities on the Tabletop

In the lore of W40K, The Sword of Silence is renowned for its ability to absorb light and sound, a feature that complements the Dark Angels’ penchant for stealth and subterfuge.

Its obsidian blade, glowing ominously, seems to draw in the very essence of its surroundings, leaving nothing but silence in its wake. This makes it a weapon feared not only for its physical lethality but also for its psychological impact on the battlefield.

On the tabltop battlefield, the Sword of Silence brings not only raw damage potential but also a strategic advantage through its Precision ability, highlighting its capacity to target and exploit the weak points of enemy units.

The Stats of The Sword of Silence in Warhammer 40K tabletop

Its weapon skill (WS) of 2+ denotes a high precision in striking, allowing Belial to land blows with deadly accuracy. With its armor penetration (AP) of -2 this power sword has the ability to cleave through the defenses of even the most formidable foes, bypassing their armor and rending their flesh.

Belial Model
The New Belial Miniature

The Sword of Secrets

Azrael with the Sword of Secrets
Azrael with the Sword of Secrets by Jaime Martinez (Source)

Created in the aftermath of the Fall of Caliban and the disappearance of their Primarch Lion El’Jonson, this power sword embodies the Chapter’s unending quest for redemption and secrecy.

It is considered by many the mightiest of the Heavenfall Blades.

Today, the Sword of Secrets remains in the hands of Azrael, Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels, a beacon of their unyielding resolve. It is not only a weapon of war but also the key to the deepest secrets of The Rock.

Its Impact on the W40K Universe

The Sword of Secrets, as the premier weapon of the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels, has been central to the Chapter’s most crucial and secretive missions.

The Hunt for the Fallen

One of the most significant ongoing campaigns involving the Sword of Secrets is the relentless pursuit of the Fallen. While specific battles are rarely made public, it is known that the sword has been drawn in countless duels against these traitors across the galaxy. Each confrontation is not just a physical battle but a symbolic one, representing the Dark Angels’ internal struggle for redemption.

Defense of The Rock

The Rock, the mobile fortress-monastery of the Dark Angels, has come under attack several times throughout its history. The Sword of Secrets has been key in defending this bastion of the Chapter’s power, particularly against forces that threaten to expose or exploit the Dark Angels’ most guarded secrets. Its blade has cut down invaders from the traitorous legions, daemonic entities, and even the agents of rival factions within the Imperium who have come too close to the truth.

Azrael with the Sword of Secrets - Knights of Caliban cover art by Lie Setiawan
Azrael with the Sword of Secrets – Knights of Caliban cover art by Lie Setiawan (Source)

Recent Engagements

In recent millennia, the Sword of Secrets has been at the forefront of the Dark Angels’ participation in larger Imperial campaigns, such as the defense against the 13th Black Crusade and the Indomitus Crusade.

In these conflicts, the Supreme Grand Master, wielding the sword, has led his Chapter in some of the most critical battles, striking at key targets and vanquishing foes that threaten the very fabric of the Imperium.

The Sword of Secrets Abilities on the Tabletop

Its blade, crafted with such precision and skill, has remained keen and unchipped through millennia of service.

But beyond its physical prowess, its most important lore element is that the power sword holds the key to the deepest dungeon within The Rock, guarding the prison of the Arch-Heretic Luther.

On the Warhammer 40k battlefield, the Sword of Secrets distinguishes itself not just through power but by its unique ability to cause Devastating Wounds, demonstrating its strategic and lore-inspired edge.


With a Weapon Skill (WS) bonus of +2, it allows for precision in every attack, blending skill and strength for lethal efficiency. This precision ensures that each of its 6 attacks is a potential harbinger of defeat for its foes, embodying both speed and destructive capability.

Its Armor Penetration (AP) of -4 cuts through enemy defenses with ease, showcasing its capacity to inflict serious damage and overwhelm any opposition. This attribute cements the Sword of Secrets as a formidable weapon in the hands of those skilled enough to unleash its full potential.

Azrael, Supreme Grand Master

The Black Sword of Sigismund

Sigismund with the Black Sword. Illustration by Israel Llona.
Sigismund with the Black Sword. Illustration by Israel Llona. (Source)

Forged in the fires of the Horus Heresy, this legendary blade was the chosen weapon of Sigismund, the First Captain of the Imperial Fists and the founding Emperor’s Champion.

Sigismund, renowned for his unmatched skill in combat and unwavering loyalty to the Emperor, was the Black Sword’s first wielder. His legacy is inseparable from the blade, each bearing the other’s name across the annals of history.

As the Emperor’s Champion, Sigismund’s deeds with the Black Sword became the stuff of legend, setting the standard for all who would follow in his footsteps.

The Black Sword of Sigismund is passed down to each new Emperor’s Champion of the Black Templars, the Chapter Sigismund founded after the Horus Heresy.

Currently, it is wielded by the latest Champion, continuing the endless war for the soul of humanity in the name of the Emperor.

When not used, the Black Sword of Sigismund is kept within the Temple of Dorn aboard the Eternal Crusader.

The Emperor's Champion with the Black Sword Action Figure
The Emperor’s Champion with the Black Sword Action Figure

Impact on the Universe

The Black Sword of Sigismund has been at the forefront of the Imperium’s battles against Chaos, xenos, and heretics since the time of the Horus Heresy.

Siege of Terra

During the Siege of Terra, Sigismund, with the Black Sword in hand, was a beacon of hope and defiance against the traitor legions.

Sigismund himself, wielding this fearsome blade, made his mark during the Siege of Terra, where he stood as one of the Emperor’s most formidable defenders.

His duels with Chaos champions, culminating in the legendary confrontation with Abaddon the Despoiler, left a legacy of valor and heroism that would define the Black Templars.

Founding of the Black Templars

After the Horus Heresy, Sigismund’s founding of the Black Templars marked the beginning of a new chapter in the sword’s history.

The Black Templars, known for their crusading zeal and refusal to acknowledge the Codex Astartes, carried the spirit of Sigismund and his sword across the stars.

The Black Sword, as their spiritual relic, was at the heart of countless crusades, purging worlds of the taint of Chaos and xenos influence.

Recent Campaigns

In more recent times, the Black Sword has been instrumental in the Third War for Armageddon and the Achilus Crusade, among others.

In these conflicts, the Emperor’s Champion, bearing the Black Sword, led the Black Templars in some of the most brutal close-quarters combat, breaking the back of ork WAAAGHs! and routing Chaos incursions.

The presence of the sword on these battlefields served not only as a weapon of unmatched lethality but also as a talisman that emboldened the Imperium’s forces while sowing fear in the hearts of its enemies.

Black Sword of Sigismund’s Unique Abilities

The Black Sword of Sigismund is a master-crafted power sword, its blade capable of cutting through the armor and flesh of the Emperor’s foes with divine precision.

Its construction incorporates technologies and blessings that make it anathema to the forces of Chaos, able to cleave through daemonic essence and dark sorcery alike.

The Black Sword stands out on the Warhammer 40k tabletop battlefield with its dual abilities: Precision Strike and Sweeping Attack, offering a versatile approach to combat.


Boasting a Weapon Skill of 2, it ensures high accuracy in both its attack modes. The sword delivers a formidable Attack value of 6 on Precision Strikes, paired with a strength of 8, making each strike a potent threat.

Its Armor Penetration (AP) of -3 ensures that these precision strikes can breach defenses effectively, dealing significant damage of 3.

In its Sweep mode, the Black Sword expands its reach, offering an Attack value of 10 but with slightly reduced strength of 6, tailored for dealing with multiple foes.

The Sweep’s AP of -2 and damage of 1 per hit make it ideal for thinning enemy ranks, showcasing the sword’s adaptability between focused power and area control.

Emperor's Champion

The Sword of the High Marshals

High Marshal Helbrecht with the Sword of the High Marshals
High Marshal Helbrecht with the Sword of the High Marshals (Source)

Origins and Significance

Wielding remnants of Rogal Dorn’s own blade, the Sword of the High Marshals channels the fiery legacy of the Black Templars‘ founder.

As the Chapter’s holiest relic, it passes to a new High Marshal upon ascension, heralding the launch of a fresh Crusade.

Forged from Dorn’s shattered sword, a symbol of his grief for the Emperor’s peril, it stands as a perpetual oath of redemption for the Black Templars.

From its early days as Sigismund’s blade to its current bearer, High Marshal Helbrecht, this power sword is a storied emblem of atonement and valor.

The Sword of the Marshals throughout Warhammer 40K History

In the annals of Warhammer 40k lore, the Sword of the High Marshals has been a symbol of the Black Templars’ unyielding spirit, especially in two critical events:

The War of the Beast

During this cataclysmic conflict known as Waaagh! The Beast, in 544.M32, the Imperium faced its gravest threat since the Horus Heresy.

The Beast, an Ork Warboss of unparalleled might, united the Ork tribes into a devastating horde, threatening to eclipse Horus’s infamy from the Ullanor Crusade.

This dark period saw the Adeptus Astartes pushed to near devastation, standing against a tide that seemed inexorable.

It was amidst this chaos that the Sword of the High Marshals would carve its legacy, a beacon of hope against a green-skinned tsunami that sought to erode the very foundations of humanity.

Ork Warboss Warhammer 40K

The Slaughter at Schrodinger VII

At the Ice World of Schrodinger VII, High Marshal Helbrecht led the Black Templars in a brutal campaign against the necrotic machinations of Imotekh the Stormlord.

The Necron Phaeron’s strategic genius tested the Black Templars’ might, ensnaring them in a web of lethal ambushes. It was on an ice bridge where Helbrecht’s valor shone brightest, clashing with Imotekh himself.

Despite the High Marshal’s fall and the loss of his hand—a grim echo of Dorn’s own sacrifice—this episode became a crucible from which Helbrecht emerged renewed, his faith in the Emperor rekindle

Sword of the High Marshals Unique Abilities on the Tabletop

In the tumultuous theater of the 41st millennium, High Marshal Helbrecht raises the Sword of the High Marshals not just as a mere instrument of destruction, but as an enduring emblem of his indomitable command.

High Marshal Helbrecht and his Sword Abilities

A reflection of Helbrecht’s own indomitable will, the sword’s versatility is a thing of legend. In the frenzied crush of battle, the one-handed grip of the sword unleashes a flurry of 12 blows, each strike a hammer blow against the numberless adversaries that swarm the Black Templars.

This mode of combat allows the High Marshal to deliver justice rapidly across the front, a whirlwind of righteous fury.

Yet, when the smoke of war thins to reveal the silhouette of a towering nemesis, Helbrecht shifts his grasp, and the two-handed hold resonates with the power of Dorn’s own legacy.

Each stroke of the sword is a measured, devastating force, cutting down the mightiest of opponents with a Strength of 8 and an Armor Penetration of -3, laying low the champions who would stand against him as if felling titans.

High Marshal Helbrecht


Lion El'Jonson Wielding Fealty against Angron in the Arks of Omen Saga
Lion El’Jonson Wielding Fealty against Angron in the Arks of Omen Saga

Almost at the top of our list, is the most recent addition to the pool of legendary power swords in Warhammer 40K.

Fealty’s tale begins in the enigmatic realm of Mirror-Caliban, a place shrouded in mystery and steeped in the deep lore of the Dark Angels.

It was here, amidst the echoes of a fractured past, that Lion El’Jonson, upon his momentous reawakening in M42, discovered the power sword.

Fealty’s presence in this realm, alongside the Emperor’s Shield, hints at a destiny intertwined with the very fabric of the Imperium and the Primarch’s own legendary lineage.

Lion El’Jonson with Fealty in the JOYTOY Action Figure
Lion El’Jonson with Fealty in the JOYTOY Action Figure

Impact on the Warhammer 40K Universe and Lore

The rediscovery of this legendary power sword by Lion El’Jonson has sent ripples through the Warhammer 40K narrative, symbolizing the return of a legendary hero and the rekindling of ancient allegiances.

Its emergence from Mirror-Caliban, coupled with the dramatic confrontation involving the Emperor’s Shield and a shape-shifting daemon, underscores the ongoing battle between light and darkness, order and chaos, that defines the universe we love.

Fealty, thus, is not just a weapon but a narrative pivot, around which stories of heroism, betrayal, and redemption continue to unfold.

Fealty’s Abilities on the Tabletop

More than just a masterwork of craftsmanship, Fealty embodies the pinnacle of power sword technology, its blade aglow with a radiance that belies its deadly purpose.

Fealty’s versatility is its true strength, and its abilities are as dual as El’Jonson’s own nature. With the ‘Sweep’ profile, the sword allows the Primarch to cut a swathe through hordes of lesser foes.

Then there is the ‘Strike’ profile, where each blow is a death sentence to the mightiest of adversaries. When facing armored behemoths or rival champions of the galaxy, Fealty’s strike is as precise as a scalpel, carving through the most formidable defenses with an ease that mocks their very existence.

Combine this with the 10 Attacks that The Lion can make in a round and you’re sure to make short work of whatever your competitor puts against you.

Lion El Jonson 2023 Datasheet
Lion El’Jonson and Fealty Stats from the Space Marines 2023 Index

Without delving into the intricacies of buffs or the labyrinthine rules that govern the Lion’s combat abilities, the raw potential of Fealty in Lion El’Jonson’s grasp is staggering: a theoretical onslaught yielding a whopping 40 damage in a single close combat round.

An Imperial Knight, the towering epitome of Imperial might, could topple under such an assault.

Fealty is an enigma, a paradox that stands testament to the craftsmanship of the Dark Angels; it’s a blade that, quite astonishingly, rivals even the Emperor’s own, wielded by his brother Roboute Guilliman.

On the tabletop, you can make us of Fealty’s amazing power by fielding the new Lion El’Jonson Model to lead your Dark Angels miniature army.

Lion El'Jonson Model
The New Lion El’Jonson Model

The Emperor’s Sword

Among the pantheon of Warhammer 40K legendary weapons, The Emperor’s Sword stands apart and obviously, makes it all the way to the top of our list.

Its image is revered across the Imperium, not just as a weapon of war but as a symbol of hope, justice, and the Emperor’s undying rule. Its presence inspires awe and fear, rallying the Imperium’s forces while demoralizing its enemies.

Its flames not only scorch the Emperor’s foes but also light the way for his faithful, serving as a beacon of hope in an era defined by endless war and darkness.

Its Impact on the Warhammer 40,000 Universe and Lore

From the defense of Terra itself during the Horus Heresy, to the Indomitus Crusade, the power sword has been at the heart of key battles that have shaped the fate of the galaxy.

The Emperor’s Sword in The Horus Heresy and the Battle for Terra

The Emperor and his Sword against Horus Lupercal

Forged amidst the light of Terra’s ancient and arcane technology, the Emperor’s Sword became a symbol of finality for the ruinous powers of Chaos during the Horus Heresy.

Its very essence was repulsion to the daemonic, imbued with the ability to grant the True Death to such entities, ensuring their annihilation beyond the mere displacement to the Warp.

Within the tumultuous era of the Horus Heresy, the Emperor’s Sword shone as a beacon of wrath and retribution.

In the Emperor’s grasp, it cleaved through countless daemons, its radiant blade an antithesis to their corrupt existence. It was not just a tool of war but a harbinger of oblivion for the daemonic.

The culmination of its feared presence was witnessed during the apocalyptic confrontation aboard Horus’s battle barge, where it played a pivotal role in severing the Warmaster’s very soul from the material realm, a feat unmatched by any other weapon.

Guiliman’s Indomitus Crusade

During the Indomitus Crusade, the Emperor’s Sword was instrumental in several key confrontations. Among these, the Battle of Raukos marked the official launch of the Crusade.

The Gathalamor Intervention showcased the strategic significance of faith and military might combined, as forces rallied to Guilliman’s banner.

Lastly, the Defense of Baal was crucial for the survival of the Blood Angels and their successor chapters, standing as a testament to the Crusade’s wider implications across the galaxy.

Roboute Guilliman with the Emperor's Sword as a JOYTOY Action Figure
Roboute Guilliman with the Emperor’s Sword as a JOYTOY Action Figure

The Emperor’s Sword Abilities on The Tabletop

In the Warhammer 40K lore, the Emperor’s Sword boasts formidable abilities, including engulfing itself in flames and slicing through the most robust armors and daemonic entities effortlessly.

Guilliman can generate protective forcefields by placing it on the ground, while its touch offers final death to most daemons, erasing their existence.

This weapon counters Chaos forces, destroys souls, and impacts conceptual beings. It can also manifest miracles, hinder immortality and regeneration in greater daemons, underscoring its power against seemingly insurmountable foes.

Nevertheless, on the wargame table, it’s capabilities are somewhat more down-to earth.

Roboute Guilliman Datasheet - Abilities
Roboute Guilliman and the Emperor’s Sword Stats from the Space Marines 2023 Index

This blade’s prowess mirrors Guilliman’s tactical genius, multifaceted in its application. In the thickest of melees, the Emperor’s Sword’s ‘Devastating Wounds’ profile allows the Primarch to dispatch his foes with strokes that are both sweeping and precise, dealing catastrophic damage that can shatter the morale of his enemies.

Then comes the individual confrontation, where the Emperor’s Sword acts not just as an instrument of war, but as the executioner’s axe.

Each contact with the enemy is a proclamation of their end, as Guilliman’s strikes, empowered by the might of 8 Strength and the rending force of an Armor Penetration of -3, cleave through the stoutest of defenses as if they were naught but shadow.

Fortified by the ability to strike 14 times in a single bout, the Ultramarine Primarch’s assault becomes a relentless tide of blue and gold – a surge that is as inexorable as the tides of history he seeks to command.

Looking to see the Emperor’s Sword strike true in battle? Get your Roboute Guilliman miniature and let the might of the Ultramarines unfold at your command!

Roboute Guilliman

Did we miss any Legendary Power Swords?

As our odyssey through the storied realm of Warhammer 40K nears its end, we find ourselves pondering a crucial question: Did we miss any Legendary Power Swords?

Now, before you raise your plasma pistol in protest, let’s put our faith in the wisdom of the Emperor and open the vox channels to you, our esteemed readers.

Think you’ve stumbled upon a Power Sword with a tale so epic it could make even Khârn the Betrayer nod in approval? Or perhaps you’ve crafted your own tabletop legend with a blade so formidable it’d give even Abaddon pause?

Well, don’t keep it to yourself! Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list – if the Emperor allows!

FAQs about Power Swords

How do Warhammer 40K Power Swords work?

These legendary weapons work on the idea of breaking their targets’ molecular structures upon contact. Power Swords use a combination of technological power fields and ancient psychic enchantments to slash through armor and flesh with devastating efficiency. The electromagnetic field surrounding the blade increases its cutting strength, letting it to cut through even the toughest materials with ease. Furthermore, some Power Swords have unique abilities, such as interrupting opponent energy fields or dealing additional damage to individuals affected by the Warp’s powers.

What is the difference between a Power Sword and a Force Sword?

A Power Sword, crafted by Imperial Tech-Priests, disrupts molecules, favored by Space Marines and Guard. In contrast, a Force Sword, wielded by psykers like Librarians, channels raw Warp energy, cutting through both armor and soul effortlessly.

Are Power Swords exclusively used by certain factions or can any army wield them?

Power Swords are not exclusive to specific factions; however, they are primarily associated with certain factions like the Imperium of Man, including Space Marines and Imperial Guard. Nevertheless, various factions, including Chaos Space Marines and certain xenos races, have been depicted wielding Power Swords in Warhammer 40K lore and tabletop battles.

Are there different variations or types of Power Swords in the Warhammer 40K universe?

Yes, there are various variations and types of Power Swords in the Warhammer 40K universe. These include but are not limited to:
Standard Power Swords: These are the most common type, characterized by their energy field that enhances cutting power.
Master-Crafted Power Swords: Enhanced versions of standard Power Swords, often wielded by high-ranking officers or heroes. They possess superior craftsmanship and additional features.
Daemon Weapons: Chaos-aligned Power Swords infused with malevolent Warp energy, granting them additional abilities at the cost of corruption.
Force Weapons: Psyker-focused Power Swords that channel psychic energy, capable of disrupting both physical and psychic defenses.
Relic Power Swords: Ancient and revered Power Swords with storied histories, often associated with legendary heroes or revered chapters.

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