AdeptiCon 2024: The Warhammer Event of the Year Is Almost Here

Circle March 20th on your calendars, for the Warhammer universe is about to expand in thrilling new ways, all set against the backdrop of AdeptiCon's legendary venue.
Adepticon 2024 Preview Show
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Update: Check all the Adepticon 2024 Reveals here!
Update 2: The Complete list of Golden Demon 2024 Winners!

Attention all Warhammer enthusiasts! Circle March 20th on your calendars because the Warhammer universe is about to unveil its latest wonders at AdeptiCon 2024.

This year’s edition promises an array of exciting reveals straight from the prestigious event’s venue in Schaumburg, Illinois.

A Glimpse into the Future of Warhammer – The Live Stream Schedule

Los Angeles, USAWed 20th8:00pm
Chicago, USAWed 20th10:00pm
London, UKThu 21st3:00am
Berlin, GermanyThu 21st4:00am
Tokyo, JapanThu 21st12:00pm
Sydney, AustraliaThu 21st2:00pm
The table represents the schedule for the Warhammer AdeptiCon 2024 Preview Show across different cities and time zones.

This year, AdeptiCon is not just a tournament; it’s a beacon for all things Warhammer 40K. Attendees are in for a treat with an exclusive early screening of the Warhammer Preview Show: AdeptiCon 2024.

Set your watches for 8pm local time on March 20th (or 1am in the UK on March 21st*) to be among the first to witness the future of Warhammer 40K on live stream. For those who can’t join in person, fear not!

The preview show will be broadcast live on Twitch at 3am GMT/10pm CDT, ensuring fans worldwide won’t miss out on the excitement.

Tune-in to Adeptus Ars to Find the Latest Reveals

In a special twist this year, we’re inviting you to dive deeper into the heart of the Warhammer 40K universe by visiting our site during the event. We’ll cover all the reveals in real time!

You’ll find an abundance of details, images, and insights that we simply can’t fit into the live show. Expect to encounter wonders such as the Teratic Prowler, a formidable creature that hints at the mysteries and alliances within the Warhammer realms.

The Teratic Prowler. Source

The intricate design of its bone plates and the enigmatic nature of its origins are just a taste of what’s to come.

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