All Golden Demon 2024 Winners

In a stunning display of craftsmanship, the Golden Demon 2024 awards have brought to light the immense talent within the Warhammer community. Here's a glimpse at the champions across different games.

The Golden Demon, the world’s premier Warhammer painting competition, kicked off its 2024 season in style at AdeptiCon.

The standard of entries submitted was higher than ever, showcasing the immense skill and dedication of the Warhammer community in painting, modeling, and converting their masterpiece

Golden Demon 2024 Changes

This year’s edition came with a few changes, introducing new categories and opening the door for more entries. The most notable of them being:

  • Warhammer 40,000 Monster and Vehicle: These two categories have been merged into a single category.
  • Diorama & Duel: This category has been reunited as one, emphasizing the art of storytelling through miniatures.
  • Warhammer: The Horus Heresy: Now has its own dedicated category, recognizing the unique aesthetics and lore of this setting.
  • Warhammer Underworlds: Also has its own category, celebrating the dynamic warbands and characters from the Underworlds.
  • Necromunda: The popular skirmish game returns with its own category, allowing players to showcase their gritty gangers and terrain.
  • Blood Bowl: The beloved fantasy football game is back as a category, featuring the quirky teams and coaches.
  • Epic Scale: Formerly known as “Small Scale,” this category now embraces the grandeur of epic battles and massive models

Golden Demon 2024 Complete List of Winners By Game and Category

Warhammer 40,000

In the Golden Demon 2024 competition, Neil Hollis, Lee Jeonghoon, and Kwan Ho Kim took home the Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards, respectively, in the Single Miniature category. Kwan Ho Kim led the Unit or Kill Team category, followed by Sam Lenz and Lee Jeonghoon.

For Large Miniature or Vehicle, Julien Charbonneau-Gravel clinched Gold, with Jesus Valera Navarro and El Kaye securing the Silver and Bronze positions, showcasing a diverse range of talents and masterful creations across different categories.

Neil Hollis won the Gold in the W40k Single Miniature Category

Julien Charbonneau Gravel won the 2024 Golden Demon Gold Award in the Warhammer 40K Large Miniature or Vehicle category with this amazing Vashtorr Model
Kwan Ho Kim won the Gold in the Unit or Kill Team Category
Single MiniatureNeil HollisLee JeonghoonKwan Ho Kim
Unit or Kill TeamKwan Ho KimSam LenzLee Jeonghoon
Large Miniature or VehicleJulien Charbonneau-GravelJesus Valera NavarroEl Kaye
The list of winners in the Warhammer 40K Category

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

In the realms where magic and might clash, the Age of Sigmar category saw a parade of colors and creativity, where the fantastical beings of the Mortal Realms were brought to stunning life through the alchemy of paint.

In the Warhammer Age of Sigmar categories, David Ugolini took gold for Single Miniature, showcasing exceptional artistry. The Unit or Warcry Warband category saw Michael Thomas win gold, with Nikolas Rubens Mortensen and Jon Ninas following closely.

Ruben Martinez Arribas clinched gold in the Large Miniature or War Machine category, outshining Liam Hopkins and Kelsey Graham.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Single Miniature Demon 2024 Gold Winner - David Ugolini
David Ugolini won the Gold in the Age of Sigmar, Single Miniature Category for the Lord of Hubris
Michael Thomas won Gold in the Unit or Warcry Warband Category
Ruben Martinez Arribas won Gold for his submission of Alarielle, the Everqueen
Single MiniatureDavid UgoliniDimosthenis XylasAndy Wardle
Unit or Warcry WarbandMichael ThomasNikolas Rubens MortensenJon Ninas
Large Miniature or War MachineRuben Martinez ArribasLiam HopkinsKelsey Graham
The List of Winners in the Age of Sigmar Category

Warhammer Underworlds Warband

In the intense and strategic battles of Underworlds, miniatures were a testament to the strategists’ skills and painters’ handiwork.

David Ugolini won another gold for his Underworlds Warband submission of the Sons of Velmorn
WarbandDavid UgoliniJohan Van BeersLiam Hopkins
The List of Winners in the Warhammer Underworlds Category

The Horus Heresy

In a spectacular show of craftsmanship, David Ugolini took the Gold for The Horus Heresy Single Miniature category. His portrayal of a space marine was nothing short of breathtaking, capturing the grim darkness of the far future with impeccable detail.

David Ugolini took another Gold for his Perturabo Model in the Horus Heresy Category!
Single MiniatureDavid UgoliniMatthew CantorAaron Clark
The List of Winners in the Warhammer: The Horus Heresy Category

Warhammer: The Old World

The classic fantasy of The Old World was revived with miniatures that embody the rich history and tradition of Warhammer’s fantasy setting, with each stroke adding to the legend.

Nikolas Rubens Mortensen took the Gold award for his Single Miniature entry. Raphael Boyon followed with the Silver, and Andrew Waxtel rounded out the honors with Bronze, showcasing the high caliber of talent and creativity among participants.

Nikolas Rubens Mortense took home the Gold for his Chaos Troll
Single MiniatureNikolas Rubens MortensenRaphael BoyonAndrew Waxtel
The List of Winners in the Warhammer The OId World Category

Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game

Middle-earth’s timeless tales were honored with miniatures that capture the essence of the epic saga, from the smallest Hobbit to the mightiest hero, every detail paints a picture worth a thousand words.

Single MiniatureMarco FrisoniKamil KozyraNeil Hollis
The List of Winners in the Warhammer The OId World Category

Blood Bowl

Amidst the raucous cheers and the thunderous clash on the pitch, Blood Bowl sees miniature artists capture the wild essence of fantasy football in the Warhammer world. These painters bring to life the zany characters and teams from this beloved tabletop game, translating their ferocity and humor into stunning works of art.

Single MiniatureNikolas Rubens MortensenBob CohoonKamil Kozyra
The List of Winners in the Blood Bowl Category


In the underhive, the Necromunda category revealed the gritty reality of gang warfare with miniatures that are as characterful as they are detailed, each one a narrative in miniature.

Single MiniatureWei HuiClayton CorreiaJames Taro
The List of Winners in the Necromunda Category

Other Categories

Epic ScaleJames TaroFletcher GilesAlexis L’Huillier
Diorama & DuelAlexandre Dos SantosBenjamin KantorJames Taro
YoungbloodsBen TrentacosteXander MadouRowan Macdonald
The Open CompetitionMatt KennedyRichard GreyJeffrey Bowden
The List of Winners in other Categories

The Slayer Sword Winner 2024

The Slayer Sword winner at AdeptiCon was Alexandre Dos Santos, for this incredible diorama of Cado Ezechiar.

The coveted Slayer Sword award was bestowed upon Alexandre Dos Santos, whose diorama masterpiece depicted Cado Ezechiar in a mesmerizing display.

Alexandre skillfully crafted a dualistic representation of the Hollow King’s armor—simultaneously present and mirrored in the water, enhanced by the eerie presence of a Banshee hidden beneath the surface.

Top Winners at Golden Demon 2024

A special commendation to the artists who, like chameleons, adapted their brushes to multiple canvases, clinching top spots across different categories. Their names are now etched in the annals of the Golden Demon’s history.

  • David Ugolini – 3 Gold Medals
  • Alexandre Dos Santos – 1 Gold and The Slayer Sword
  • Nikolas Rubens Mortensen – 2 Gold, 1 Silver
  • Kwan Ho Kim – 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
  • James Taro – 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
  • Kamil Kozyra – 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
  • Liam Hopkins – 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

What’s your take on the Golden Demon Winners of 2024? Is your favorite submission among the finalists? Let us know in the comments!

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