The NOVA Open 2023 Stream Recap: Unveiling the new Warhammer 40k miniatures and their new Codex

In a thrilling showcase of what's to come, the NOVA Open 2023 stream left Warhammer 40k enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. From stunning miniatures to intriguing lore, this event was a treasure trove for fans. Join us as we delve into the highlights and surprises unveiled during this exhilarating presentation!
Nova Open Wh40k Reveals
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The Nova Open unveiled new units and refreshed some classics, introducing comprehensive kits for Terminators and Sternguard Veterans, as well as the much-anticipated Jump Pack Intercessors and several new Captains. Scouts are also joining the excitement with their first new figures in a while – see the details below.

  1. Terminator Squad
  2. Chaplain in Terminator Armour
  3. Captain in Terminator Armour
  4. Captains and Assault Intercessors with Jump Packs
  5. Company Heroes
  6. Sternguard Veterans
  7. Space Marines Codex
  8. Space Marine Scouts

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Seven formidable Terminators have already teleported onto the battlefield within the launch box, featuring a squad of five monopose veterans, accompanied by a Librarian and Captain. But our hunger for more is insatiable!

Terminator Squad

These five multi-pose, multi-part Terminators are perfectly scaled with the push-fit squad found in Leviathan. However, they come with an array of additional customization options.

The classic Terminator arsenal, including storm bolters, power fists or chainfists for each model, heavy flamers or assault cannons, and a shoulder-mounted cyclone missile launcher, is all at your disposal. Plus, there’s a wealth of aesthetic choices to make.

It’s important to note that this set doesn’t offer options for Assault Terminators; the current kit for them will remain available for the foreseeable future.

Chaplain in Terminator Armour

Armour Completing the trio of iconic Terminator-armored characters is this imposing Chaplain. Armed with his electrified crozius, inspirational litanies, and a choice between a storm bolter or relic shield, he not only bolsters your squad’s melee capabilities but also grants them a resilient Feel No Pain 4+ against mortal wounds. In essence, this Chaplain is a force to be reckoned with when attached to a Terminator unit.

Captain in Terminator Armour

While the Terminator-armored Captain from Leviathan strikes an epic pose atop the severed head of a vanquished hive monstrosity, he wields only one of the available wargear loadouts for a Space Marine officer of his rank.

Enter the new Captain in Terminator Armour, a versatile kit that lets you equip him with a combi-weapon or storm bolter and a relic sword or relic fist, allowing you to truly personalize your hero. You’ll also have various head options to choose from, and the decision of whether to don a tabard for battle or not.

All three sets will soon be available for pre-order.

Captains and Assault Intercessors Take Flight with Jump Packs

Since the dawn of humanity, the dream of flight has captured our imagination. Today, the Space Marines have translated that dream into a fearsome reality, hurtling chainsword-wielding warriors into the heart of battle at astonishing speeds. Warhammer enthusiasts have long yearned for Primaris assault troops to soar on jump packs, and at last, that dream is realized.

The Jump Pack Intercessors are a select breed, drawn from the ranks of the most aggressive members of their Chapters.

They meld dizzying close combat prowess with the sheer mass of a fully armored Space Marine hurtling headfirst into the midst of the enemy. These remarkable models stand as some of the most dynamically posed Space Marines miniatures ever crafted, conveying a palpable sense of weight and power as they charge into battle.

Sergeants within their ranks wield power weapons or power fists, posing a significant threat to even the heaviest of armor, while their comrades rain down a relentless storm of chainsword strikes upon the enemy.

Sergeants also have the choice of arming themselves with a plasma pistol or hand flamer, and every fifth member of the squad can opt for a plasma pistol as well.

The new Captain with Jump Pack epitomizes the majesty of a warrior in dynamic mid-flight charge. He offers a plethora of weapon options, wielding either a bolt pistol, plasma pistol, or hand flamer in his right hand, and a power fist, relic blade, or chainsword in his left. When leading his fellow aerial enthusiasts into battle, he infuses their charge with added fervor, enhancing the Strength of their melee weapons by 1 when they strike home.

Company Heroes

This delectable update to the venerable Command Squads of last year showcases a Space Marine Captain and his loyal honor guard. In the heat of battle, this ensemble operates as a fearsome quartet – consisting of a Company Ancient, a Company Champion, and two Company Veterans – all under the stalwart leadership of a Captain.

The kit offers an array of cosmetic options for personalizing the entire retinue, along with a wealth of weapon choices to equip your newly minted Captain.

In total, he boasts three distinct head options, along with a myriad of weapon possibilities, including a master-crafted bolt rifle, a neo-vulkite pistol, a plasma pistol, and the choice of a power weapon or a power fist. To add a touch of flair, there’s even the option of donning a tabard and scabbard.

Collectively, this unit embodies a formidable set of statistics. The Veterans wield master-crafted bolt weapons, including a heavy bolter, while the Champion carries a master-crafted power weapon that can cleave through adversaries with pinpoint precision.

The Ancient’s banner contributes to securing critical objectives, and in their role as dedicated bodyguards, the entire squad imposes penalties on incoming Wound rolls as long as a Captain stands among them.

Sternguard Veterans

When the xenos threat persists and your regular battle brothers just can’t quite get the job done, it’s time to unleash the Sternguard. These battle-hardened veterans, seasoned by countless wars, wear their honors proudly and are armed to the teeth with specialized weaponry.

While a squad of five push-fit Sternguard from the Leviathan box already graced our ranks, a fresh set of five is on the horizon, and these come with an abundance of options for personalization.

As expected, a wide array of weaponry is at your disposal. Each model can wield a Sternguard bolt rifle, equipped with various attachments, or opt for a versatile combi-weapon. One fortunate Veteran can carry the heavy firepower of a heavy bolter or pyrecannon, while the Sergeant can enhance his arsenal with a chainsword, power fist, or power sword.

But it’s not just about firepower; the Sternguard also offer a plethora of cosmetic choices. Sculpted pauldrons, different greave options, a choice of eight distinctive helmets and seven bare heads, and an array of accessories provide ample room for customization.

Perhaps most notably, the beloved back banner, a long-awaited return, graces the presence of a Space Marine squad once again, adding an iconic touch to these elite warriors.

Codex: Space Marines – Your Definitive Guide to the Adeptus Astartes in the Latest Warhammer 40,000 Edition


Within the pages of this comprehensive guide lies the key to unlocking the potential of the Adeptus Astartes in the newest edition of Warhammer 40,000. Boasting a robust compilation of 93 datasheets, it’s a slightly trimmed-down version compared to the Index, but still an extensive roster. Moreover, it unveils seven complete Detachments, offering players seven distinctive ways to assemble their units and seven unique styles of play, each accompanied by its own set of Enhancements, Stratagems, and Detachment rules.

Six of these styles align closely with the favored tactics of specific First Founding Chapters – including the Ultramarines, the Imperial Fists, the Iron Hands, the Salamanders, the Raven Guard, and the White Scars. Importantly, you’re not bound by Chapter restrictions.

Whether your allegiance lies with the snowy White Scars or not, any army can amass Outriders and launch a lightning assault with the versatile Stormlance Task Force.

The seventh Detachment, known as the First Company Task Force, epitomizes the elite warriors within a Chapter. They are backed by a distinctly evocative Detachment rule – Extremis-level Threat.

This codex also includes a wealth of additional content, such as Crusade rules that allow you to earn honor and elevate your heroes through Oathsworn Campaigns.

It also provides ample background information on the Adeptus Astartes in the Era Indomitus, and showcases stunningly painted miniatures. For collectors, a luxurious Collector’s Edition is on the horizon, complete with unique cover art, gold-edged pages, and silver blocking.

Furthermore, the release will be accompanied by a set of refreshed Datacards, encompassing all the rules you need for every unit featured in the Codex.

Space Marine Scouts


Becoming a Space Marine is a grueling journey, not for the faint-hearted. You can’t simply be the toughest 10-year-old in your village; you have to stand out as the most ferocious pre-teen across the entire region.

Once identified by the Angels for your exceptional belligerence, you’ll join a group of equally formidable children. This may lead to tests of strength and camaraderie, or perhaps you’ll face insurmountable challenges together. However, the odds of survival are astoundingly low.

And that’s all before you even receive a drop of transhuman gene-therapy. If you manage to survive the rigorous selection process, you’ll embark on a journey of organ implantation, body modification, psycho-conditioning, and an arduous course of space boot camp. Surpassing all these trials, which is far from guaranteed, still doesn’t make you a full-fledged Space Marine.

To truly earn your place in the Chapter’s esteemed ranks, you’ll don light armor, wield a shotgun, don rugged combat trousers, and embark on some of the most perilous missions available to the Adeptus Astartes. That’s right; you’re a Space Marine Scout.

Scout Squads have been an integral part of Space Marine history for as long as Space Marines themselves. Sporting lighter armor, tactical visors, and distinctive mohawks, these stealthy young recruits have been infiltrating distant objectives for decades.

The new Scouts may be taller and leaner, but they retain the iconic carapace armor and other traditional features of Space Marine neophytes. You’ll have your pick of boltguns, Astartes shotguns, or pistols and combat knives for each member of the squad, with a plethora of accessories and heads sporting fresh styles.

For those in need of heavier firepower on the battlefield, options abound, including gunners carrying missile launchers or heavy bolters, and a cloaked sniper adept at eliminating enemy CHARACTERS. These tools are all a young Scout needs to prove themselves worthy of their Chapter’s legacy!

And… this was it folks!

These were all the reveals regarding Warhammer 40k presented at Nova Open 2023. Since the Tyranids won the battle of Oghram we found out about their new models a while ago. We can safely say we are extremely hyped for all the upcoming miniatures!

We don’t know for sure when the Space Marines will be available to preorder, but until then why don’t you check the rest of the reveals?

*the tyranids come out on Saturday, the 2nd of September. Fear the Emissary!

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