The Battle for Oghram is Over: The Tyranids Emerge Victorious

The dust from the heated conflict has finally settled, solidifying an outcome that will forever alter the landscape of Warhammer's historical narrative – the Tyranids emerged victorious, vanquishing a mighty counteroffensive led by the Space Marines.
Battle for Oghram Conclusion - The Tyranids Emerge Victorious
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In a worldwide event of epic proportions, the devotees of Warhammer 40,000: Leviathan were invited to participate in the Global Battle for Oghram through a unique code included in their purchase.

From all corners of the globe, enthusiasts engaged in strategic combat with their Space Marines and Tyranids, shaping the destiny of Oghram, a bustling hive world located in the Segmentum Pacificus.

The Battle for Oghram reached its epic conclusion

The invasion commenced as the Grendyllus Tyranid tendril extended into the Formidyre System, unleashing voracious swarms onto Oghram’s hive world. The skies were consumed by sporestorms and terrifying flocks of winged bio-horrors, casting a shadow of impending doom over the planet.

Despite the overwhelming threat, the stalwart Imperial defenders did not falter. Every wave of Tyranid attackers that breached the Imperial fortifications was met with formidable resistance from tanks, gunships, and disciplined Space Marine strike forces.

A glimmer of hope sparked amongst the battered defenders as the Solblade fleets, returning from the distant Bastior Sub-sector, reinforced the Formidyre System. Elite human warriors descended onto the planet in heavy landers and Drop Pods, bolstering the forces that tirelessly battled against the alien incursion.

The Tyranids emerged victorious

However, the insatiable hunger of the Tyranid swarms, known as the Great Devourer, proved to be inexorable.

Reacting with primal ferocity, the swarms obliterated the Matasori Delta fortress line, overran defensive forces, and even managed to infiltrate the Great Hive Thaddorius via its aquifer shrines.

The final hours of the planet saw a desperate evacuation, saving what could be saved of valuable relics and personnel, leaving behind a world claimed by the Tyranids.

Despite the defenders’ brave resistance, Oghram fell, leaving the entirety of the Formidyre System – including the crucial Anchor World of Sanctum – in grave danger.

In the aftermath of this titanic struggle, new or upgraded Tyranid bioforms have been identified on Oghram. For a comprehensive overview of each, visit our detailed analysis on each of the new models here:

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