Warhammer Stores offer a Free Deathwing Knight in April 2024

Prepare for battle as Warhammer stores unveil April's coveted prize: the free Deathwing Knight miniature. Join the ranks of the elite Dark Angels' First Company and embark on the Dawnbringer Crusades!
Deathwing Knight - April 2024 Free Miniature

Key Takeaways:

  1. Free Deathwing Knight: Secure your free Deathwing Knight miniature, an elite addition to the Dark Angels’ First Company
  2. April’s Collectable Coin – the T’au Empire’s Kroot. Dive into the world of Warhammer with enticing offers, including Pick ‘n’ Mix paints and exclusive collectibles like the T’au Empire’s Kroot coin.
  3. Forge Your Destiny: Join the Dawnbringer Crusades and shape the fate of a burgeoning city through engaging hobby activities with your friends. Earn points for completing tasks and introducing new recruits, and commemorate each triumph with an authentic Coin Malleus.

April 2024’s Free Miniature: The Deathwing Knight

Deathwing Knight - April 2024 Free Miniature

Elite among the elite, the Deathwing Knights, revered members of the Dark Angels‘ First Company, stand poised for combat. Armed with ancient relics and colossal shields, these Terminators execute precision teleport assaults, striking fear into the hearts of their adversaries.

Secure your Deathwing Knight miniature while supplies last, and stand ready to unleash their fury upon the battlefield.

A New Collectible: T’au Empire’s Kroot Coin

Additionally, collectors can rejoice as the T’au Empire‘s Kroot coin joins the lineup of coveted collectibles. And for avid collectors on their sixth coin, a free album awaits to house their burgeoning collection.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: The Launch of The Dawnbringer Crusades

But the excitement doesn’t end there! Dive into the fray of the Dawnbringer Crusades, where you and your fellow hobbyists will shape the destiny of a burgeoning city.

Will you raise it to glory or crush it beneath your heel? Engage in a myriad of hobby activities, from painting new units to engaging in thrilling battles with friends.

Earn points to complete your activity card, with bonus points awarded for introducing new recruits to the Warhammer universe.

As you march forward on your chosen path, every triumph is commemorated with an authentic Coin Malleus, a token of your dedication to the Dawnbringer cause.

And for those seeking to replenish their paint supplies, indulge in the Pick ‘n’ Mix paints offer – select any 10 paints and receive the most expensive one absolutely free!

All offers available while stocks last!

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