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Kill Team: Shadowvaults (Book)

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Dive into the Kill Team gaming supplement, your go-to guide for mastering Kasrkin and Hierotek Circle Kill Teams. Immerse yourself in the rich lore and comprehensive rules for both factions, experience the intense conflict within the space hulk, and challenge yourself with 18 dynamic missions.
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Step into the eerie corridors of the space hulk Gallowdark, where you’ll navigate the treacherous game between elite kill teams. Thousands of years ago, an artifact of immense power was secured by an Imperial Inquisitor and his loyal Cadian Kasrkin.

But their ship disappeared, merging with Gallowdark. For you and the surviving Kasrkin, it feels like only a few years, but outside, millennia have passed. Now, as the original Necron owners awaken, you’ll face the relentless Technomancer Hamanet of the Hierotek Circle who’s hell-bent on reclaiming his artifact.

Your choices will shape the fate of Gallowdark and its ancient secrets.

What’s inside the Kill Team: Shadowvaults Book

Discover the standalone paperback Kill Team supplement from the Kill Team: Shadowvaults boxed set:

  • 120 Pages of Rich Content: Dive deep into the world of Kill Team.
  • Elite Kasrkin & Hierotek Circle: Comprehensive rules and background for both kill teams.
  • Datacards: Comes with fillable blanks for easy replication.
  • Tac Ops and Ploys: Enhance your strategic gameplay.
  • Equipment Lists: Gear up your teams for battle.
  • Spec Ops Rules: Including Rare Equipment and Battle Honours.
  • Gallowdark Lore Guide: Explore the mysterious depths of the space hulk.
  • Close Quarters Rules: Master combat within space hulks.
  • Killzone Rules: Specifically for Gallowdark and Shadowvaults terrains.
  • Mission Packs: Shadow Operations: Shadowvaults and Critical Operations: Gallowdark, offering a total of 18 missions.
  • Stealthy Infiltration Rules: Enhance your Kill Team games, compatible with any faction.

Note: To fully utilize this supplement, you’ll need the Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team Core Book.

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