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Battle for Macragge Box

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Relive the iconic Battle for Macragge with this special Made to Order set available from December 25th to January 2nd. This nostalgic collection includes 35 miniatures like Space Marines, Genestealers, and unique terrain, ready to recreate the legendary Warhammer 40,000 conflict. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to own a piece of history!
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Celebrate the festive season with a journey back in time to one of the most iconic battles in Warhammer 40,000 history with the Battle for Macragge Made to Order set.

The Battle of Macragge is one of the most storied conflicts in the annals of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, epitomizing the grim darkness of the far future.

It was here on the Ultramarines’ home world of Macragge that the noble Space Marines faced one of their most terrifying enemies: the Tyranid Hive Fleet Behemoth.

This was humanity’s first encounter with the Tyranids, a voracious alien race that consumes all biomatter in its path. The Ultramarines, led by their legendary Chapter Master Marneus Calgar, mounted a desperate defense against the seemingly unstoppable tide of xenos creatures.

This exclusive release brings back the classic confrontation straight from 2004, perfect for veterans and new fans looking to experience the legendary battle that launched the fourth edition.

Inside, find a meticulously crafted collection of 35 plastic miniatures including the Imperial Pilot Lieutenant Varras, 10 Space Marines ready to defend the Imperium, six Genestealers lurking in ambush, eight explosive Spore Mines, and 10 chittering Termagants.

But there’s more: the set is packed with 17 pieces of detailed terrain to bring your battlefields to life, featuring six objective markers, the dramatic wreckage of a crashed Imperial Lander, and six eerie infestation nodes.

This nostalgic set is available for a limited time from 10 am local time on December 25th until 8 am GMT on January 2nd, 2024.

As a special Made To Order item, allow up to 180 days for shipping. Secure your piece of Warhammer 40,000 history and celebrate the holidays with a bang! Whether you’re revisiting the past or discovering it anew, the Battle for Macragge is an epic addition to any collection.

What’s in the Warhammer 40K Battle for Macragge Box Set?

This made to order multi-part box set includes:

  • Imperial Pilot Lieutenant Varras
  • 10 Space Marines
  • 6 Genestealers
  • 8 Spore Mines
  • 10 Termagants
  • 17 pieces of terrain including:
    • 6 objective markers
    • Wreckage of a crashed Imperial Lander
    • 6 infestation nodes

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