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Black Templars: Upgrades and Transfers

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Elevate your Black Templars and other Space Marines with a vast selection of weapons, helmets, and accessories, allowing you to personalize your Crusader Squads and bestow mighty Relics upon your Relic Bearers.
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Introducing an essential addition to your collection, this meticulously crafted set is designed to offer unparalleled versatility to your Crusader Squads. Enhance your forces with an array of interchangeable heads, weapons, and wargear options, allowing you to create unique and personalized warriors. Not stopping there, the set also includes a formidable multi-melta to equip a vehicle of your choosing, along with an impressive selection of six powerful Relics to bestow upon your esteemed Relic Bearers. These Relics, steeped in legend and imbued with the Emperor’s blessings, will further elevate the prowess of your warriors on the battlefield.

To truly capture the spirit of the Black Templars, the set also features meticulously sculpted shoulder pads, each bearing the chapter’s iconic symbols and emblems. These additions serve as a visual testament to the unwavering faith and indomitable will of the Black Templars, cementing their status as legendary champions of the Imperium.

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What’s in the Black Templars: Upgrades and Transfers box

  • x17 Shoulder Pads
    • x12 Mk X Tacticus Armour shoulder pads (including 2x for use with Sword Brethren/unit leaders)
    • x6 Mk X Gravis Armour shoulder pads
    • x1 Mk VI power armour shoulder pad
  • x7 Vehicle Upgrades
    • x1 multi-melta for use with Black Templars vehicles
    • x6 components for use with decorating vehicles, including 5x Black Templar Icons and 1x relic sword/chassis decoration weapon.
  • Relics
    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these components have been specifically tailored to faithfully depict 6 revered Relics exclusive to the Black Templars Chapter
    • The Aurillian Shroud, Skull of the Cacodominus, Sword of Judgement, Witchseeker Bolts, Ancient Breviary, and The Crusader’s Helm.
  • x9 Heads
    • x4 Initiate Heads
    • x1 Marshal’s head, with circlet/coronet
    • x4 Neophyte heads
  • x7 Neophyte Weapons and Options
    • x4 Neophyte arms with combat shotguns
    • x3 alternate arm options (one holding a bolt carbine, one holding a grenade, and one carrying an Initiate’s helmet)
  • x17 Extra Options, Accessories, and Decorations
    • x1 arm option with a choice of two hands, each holding different reliquaries
    • x1 Astartes chainsword in scabbard
    • x1 Black Templars backpack with a recess along its top edge for use with accessories or Relics
    • x3 purity seals
    • x3 larger honorific ribbons
    • x1 sanctified grenade
    • x1 ribbon
    • x2 lanterns
    • x2 relic bones
    • x2 burning candle stacks
  • x1 Transfer Sheet that includes 240 transfers.

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