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Boarding Patrol: Chaos Space Marines

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Get a Chaos Space Marines force ready for boarding actions or to add to your army with 31 multipart plastic miniatures led by Abaddon himself!

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For a staggering ten thousand years, the Chaos Space Marines have been waging relentless war against the galaxy that once welcomed them.

Once defenders of humanity, these Heretic Astartes have since pledged themselves to the Dark Gods, unleashing vicious raids upon Imperial spacecraft and drifting space hulks in pursuit of both glory and plunder.

Amongst these traitorous legions, the Black Legion reigns supreme, commanded by the infamous Warmaster Abaddon himself.

The Boarding Patrol: Chaos Space Marines set offers a formidable force of Heretic Astartes infantry, specially crafted to wreak havoc upon foes in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Leading this fearsome assault is none other than Abaddon the Despoiler, whose skill with the Talon of Horus and Drach’nyen is unmatched as he carves through defenders in search of his ultimate prize.

Ten elite Legionaries, equipped with a wide array of close-combat and ranged weapons, follow his command and are capable of splitting into squads of five to better navigate tight, claustrophobic corridors.

To further overwhelm their enemies, a frenzied mob of 20 Chaos Cultists rush ahead, charging recklessly through the enemy’s passages and clogging their guns with each wave.

This combination of elite Legionaries and expendable cultists makes for a formidable force, perfect for beginners who want to dive into the world of Warhammer 40,000 and experience the thrill of battle. Don’t miss your chance to join the ranks of Chaos and unleash chaos upon the galaxy.

What’s in the Boarding Patrol: Chaos Space Marines box?

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from this set:

  • 1x Abaddon the Despoiler: This iconic Chaos Space Marine commander is the leader of the Black Legion and an incredibly powerful melee combatant. Armed with the Talon of Horus and Drach’nyen, he can take on even the toughest foes with ease.
  • 10x Chaos Space Marine Legionaries: These elite fighters are equipped with a variety of ranged and close combat weapons, making them highly versatile on the battlefield. They can be split into two squads of five, making them perfect for manoeuvring through tight spaces during boarding actions.
  • 20x Chaos Cultists: These expendable troops are armed with brutal assault weapons and autopistols, making them ideal for overwhelming enemy positions through sheer numbers. They are perfect for leading the charge into enemy lines, soaking up enemy fire and drawing attention away from your more valuable units.
  • 1x Chaos Space Marines Transfer Sheet: This transfer sheet contains 364 transfers, allowing you to customise your Chaos Space Marines with a range of iconography and markings. This can help your models stand out on the tabletop and give them a unique identity within your collection.

All models are supplied with their appropriate bases. 

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