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Cerastus Knight Acheron

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This towering and fearsome Knight is a formidable addition to Questoris Households and allied forces, wielding a flamestorm cannon to incinerate foes and a chainfist to shred through them, making it a versatile choice for battles in both the Horus Heresy and the 41st Millennium.
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Introducing the Cerastus Knights, an advanced and imposing class of war-suits known for their agility and speed compared to their smaller Questoris counterparts. Among them, the Knight Acheron stands as a menacing presence on the battlefield, designed not only to obliterate foes but also to instill fear in the hearts of its enemies. The deployment of a Knight Acheron signifies a mission of extermination, where it ruthlessly dismantles the enemy’s infrastructure and leaves their territories scorched.

Crafted from multipart plastic components, this kit allows you to assemble a formidable Cerastus Knight Acheron, a towering war engine that leaves destruction in its wake. Towering even over Questoris-class knights, the Knight Acheron unleashes torrents of devastating fire from its arm-mounted flamestorm cannon and shreds through formidable adversaries with its menacing reaper chainfist.

What sets this model apart is its remarkable customizability. With articulated joints in its ankles, knees, hips, head, arms, and waist, you have the freedom to create dynamic and expressive poses. Additionally, the head and arms offer glueless assembly options, allowing you to adjust their positions during gameplay. The kit includes various cosmetic choices, including two distinct designs for kneepads and greaves, as well as four hull-mounted icons representing Loyalist, Traitor, Mechanicum, and Questoris Household Knights. If desired, you can even construct the Knight with an open hatch, revealing the pilot seated within. Get ready to command this imposing war machine on the battlefield and leave your foes in awe of its destructive power.

Cerastus Knight Acheron Datasheets

What’s in the Cerastus Knight Acheron box

  • x253 plastic components that make 1 Cerastus Knight Acheron model.
  • x1 Citadel 170x109mm Oval Base.
  • x1 Age of Darkness Cerastus Knight Transfer Sheet, containing 517 optional markings and icons for the Knight Households of the Horus Heresy.

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