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Combat Patrol: Aeldari

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A box with 19 multipart plastic miniatures, offering a flexible selection of Aeldari units that are perfect for either starting or expanding an army,
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If you’re into commanding a mix of quick fighters, powerful psykers, and mysterious weapons in your tabletop battles, Combat Patrol: Aeldari is the perfect product for you! This set comes with all the units you’ll need to start or expand your Aeldari army, including power blades, Windrider jetbikes, and Wraithlord constructs.

The set is designed to give you a 25 Power Level Aeldari force for Combat Patrol-sized games, and it’s cheaper than buying the units separately. Join the Guardians in their fight for survival in a galaxy where extinction looms on the horizon.

Combat Patrol: Aeldari Boxed Set

Here’s what you get in the box:

  1. 1x Farseer – This is a multipart plastic model that you can assemble to lead your Aeldari army into battle. It’s highly detailed and comes with all the parts you need to make it look really impressive.
  2. 1x Wraithlord – This is another multipart plastic model that you can assemble to be a fierce defender of your Aeldari craftworld. It’s a towering figure that will command attention on the battlefield.
  3. 6x Windriders – These six multipart plastic models are swift and deadly, perfect for quickly striking at your enemies. You can assemble them in a variety of ways to suit your play style.
  4. 10x Guardians – This set comes with ten multipart plastic models that you can build as Guardian Defenders with 1x Heavy Weapons Platform, or as Storm Guardians with 1x Serpent’s Scale Platform. These models are versatile and can be used to fill a variety of roles in your Aeldari army.
  5. 2x Aeldari Transfer Sheets – This set includes two of these sheets, each with a whopping 369 decals. These will let you customize your models to make them truly your own.

All the models come with their appropriate bases, so you won’t have to worry about finding the right ones.

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