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Combat Patrol: Leagues of Votann

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Whether you are a new player or a veteran, the Combat Patrol: Leagues of Votann is an excellent starting point for building your Votann army and unleashing their power on the battlefield.
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Lead the Kin of the Leagues of Votann to victory with Combat Patrol: Leagues of Votann!

This boxed set provides a perfect starting point or reinforcement to your existing army, featuring a balanced and resilient core of Hernkyn Pioneers, Hearthkyn Warriors, and Cthonian Berserkers led by the legendary Kâhls Ûthar The Destined.

The units are chosen to be ideal for Combat Patrol-sized games and save you money compared to buying the kits separately, making it the perfect choice for those who seek to uphold the honour of the Ancestors and claim precious acquisitions.

Combat Patrol: Leagues of Votann Kit

This set is a must-have for any fan of the Leagues of Votann. It includes a range of multipart plastic models, each with their unique skills and abilities. First up is Ûthar The Destined, a legendary Kâhl who is revered for his battle tactics and leadership skills.

The set also includes five Cthonian Beserks, including one with a mole grenade launcher and two mole grenade models. These warriors are known for their relentless fury on the battlefield, and they will stop at nothing to secure their objectives.

The Hernkyn Pioneers are next, and they roam the battlefield on magna-rail bikes, scouting out paths for the Hearthkyn Warriors and Cthonian Beserks. The three Hernkyn Pioneers are expert navigators and can help guide your army to victory.

The ten Hearthkyn Warriors are the backbone of any Leagues of Votann army, armed with the finest wargear and equipped with the most potent weapons. These warriors are resilient and pragmatic and will fight to the death to uphold the honour of the Ancestors.

Finally, the set comes with a Leagues of Votann Transfer Sheet, containing 555 transfers. These transfers are perfect for customizing your army and adding a personal touch to your models. Overall, this set is an excellent way to start your Leagues of Votann collection or to add to your existing army.

With a range of models and transfer options, it provides everything you need to create a balanced and hard-hitting core for your army.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Ûthar The Destined, which can also be built as a Kâhl
  • 5x Cthonian Beserks (including one with a mole grenade launcher and 2x mole grenade models)
  • 3x Hernkyn Pioneers
  • 10x Hearthkyn Warriors
  • 1x Leagues of Votann Transfer Sheet, containing 555 transfers

The models in this set come with their respective bases, and they need to be assembled and painted by the owner.

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