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Defenders of the Ancestors

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Step into the realm of Warhammer 40,000 with 'Defenders of the Ancestors', a dynamic set featuring the resilient Einhyr Hearthguard and the versatile Hekaton Land Fortress. This collection is a perfect blend of might and wisdom, ideal for expanding your Leagues of Votann forces.
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The Defenders of the Ancestors box brings the formidable might of the Leagues of Votann to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. This box set encapsulates the essence of the Kin, a race known for their unyielding courage and calculated approach to warfare.

Reflecting their dual role as both protectors and conquerors, this set showcases the formidable reputation of the Leagues of Votann.

In Defenders of the Ancestors, the strategic depth of the Leagues of Votann is on full display. The Einhyr Champion, a paragon of valor and tactical acumen, leads the charge.

They are the spearhead of an armored phalanx composed of Einhyr Hearthguard, renowned for their resilience and firepower. The Hekaton Land Fortress serves as a mobile bastion, delivering these elite warriors into the heart of battle.

Complementing this armored onslaught is the Sagitaur ATV, a beacon of agility and precision firepower. It provides crucial support, laying down a barrage of advanced weaponry.

Overseeing the battle and offering psychic guidance is the Grimnyr, a figure of wisdom whose presence bolsters the resolve of the Kin.

What’s in the Defenders of the Ancestors box

This boxed set contains x455 plastic components that make x16 Leagues of Votann models and their bases respectively:

How to paint the Defenders of the Ancestors set

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