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Dominion Zephon, a character from Black Library's Siege of Terra saga, joins the tabletop armed with a two-handed power sword and twin volkite pistols as part of the Black Library Celebration 2022.
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Dominion Zephon, a renowned warrior and artist, faced an abrupt interruption to his illustrious career when a xenos blade left him maimed during the Great Crusade. Unable to participate in battle any longer, he took on the solemn role of representing the Blood Angels Legion within the Crusader Host on Terra. When the Horus Heresy erupted, Zephon was recruited by the Legio Custodes to engage in the Webway War, where he forged a friendship with the celebrated technoarchaeologist Arkhan Land. After undergoing extensive bionic enhancements and physical reconstruction, he, now known as the “Bringer of Sorrow,” eagerly rejoined the ranks of his Legion upon their return to Terra.

In celebration of the Black Library in 2022, Dominion Zephon charges into battle equipped with bionics designed by Arkhan Land, featuring striking Blood Angels motifs on his jump pack and armor. Armed with his imposing greatsword, The Spiritum Sanguis, and twin volkite pistols known as Lament and Grief, Zephon’s rules are available as a free download from the Warhammer Community website, allowing you to incorporate the Bringer of Sorrows into your Blood Angels battle formations.

What’s in the Dominion Zephon box

  • x24 plastic components with which you can assemble Dominion Zephon.
  • x1 Citadel 40mm Round Base.

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