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Genestealer Cults Upgrade Frame

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Elevate an extensive assortment of Cadian and other Astra Militarum models into the ranks of the insidious Genestealer Cult with the aid of this versatile upgrade frame.
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Amidst a chorus of unsettling chants and eerie cries from alien creatures, the xenos creed readies to ascend! Guided by enigmatic and charismatic figures, both foes and followers fall under their sway. With meticulous preparation, the Cult has readied its formidable forces for this destined confrontation, poised to achieve world-conquering victory.

What’s in the Genestealer Cults Upgrade Frame box

  • x14 Genestealer 3rd and 4th generation hybrid heads (7 of each).
  • x5 Genestealer Cult icons, daggers and grenades for troops.
  • x5 Genestealer Cult icons, packs and grenades for troops.
  • x6 Genestealer Cult icons for vehicles (3 pairs of different sizes).

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