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The White Scars 3rd Company has a fierce and accomplished leader in Captain Kor’sarro Khan. Despite his savagery, recklessness, and occasional insubordination, he has rightfully earned the title of Master of the Hunt.

But Kor’sarro Khan is more than just a skilled warrior. He is a master swordsman, feared for his ability to defeat enemy Characters in duels and add their skulls to his already impressive trophy rack. As a Space Marine Captain, he also inspires those around him to achieve greater acts of glory.

With Moonfang in hand and accompanied by the cyber berkut Anzuq, Kor’sarro Khan is a true exemplar of the White Scars Chapter.

\And now, thanks to a new 21-piece plastic set, collectors and hobbyists alike can bring this formidable leader to life. Each set comes with one 40mm Citadel round base, allowing you to display Captain Kor’sarro Khan in all his glory.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the White Scars or simply looking for an impressive addition to your collection, Captain Kor’sarro Khan is a must-have miniature.

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