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Heavy Weapons Upgrade Set – Volkite Culverins, Lascannons, and Autocannons

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Enhance your MKVI Tactical Squad Legionaries by transforming them into Heavy Support Squads, arming them with 10 lascannons for armored targets, 10 volkite culverins to devastate infantry, and 10 autocannons for versatile firepower, along with extra augury scanners to detect enemies.
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The Heavy Support Squads offer the Legiones Astartes a potent combination of mobile, infantry-portable firepower, capable of decimating both enemy troops and armored vehicles. They come equipped with a variety of heavy weapons, each with its unique destructive capabilities. Volkite culverins project scorching heat rays that are particularly effective against infantry, while autocannons provide versatility by shredding troops and light vehicles. Lascannons stand as the most formidable laser weapons available to Legionaries, capable of punching through tank armor with their devastating beams.

This plastic upgrade kit is designed to enhance the MKVI Tactical Squad set by outfitting Legionaries with formidable heavy weapons suitable for deployment in a Legion Heavy Support Squad. It includes 10 volkite culverins, 10 autocannons, and 10 shoulder-mounted lascannons, along with matching arms for each weapon type. With this kit, you can upgrade up to three Heavy Support Squads of 10 models or six units of five models. Additionally, four augury scanners are included, which can be carried alongside a heavy weapon, enhancing your Heavy Support Squads’ ability to detect and eliminate enemy units.

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