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Iron Father Feirros

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Take charge of your Iron Hands army alongside the esteemed Iron Father, wielding the powerful Gorgon's Wrath to eliminate distant foes, or unleashing the deadly Harrowhand for close combat engagements.
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Throughout the annals of the Iron Hands, the echoes of Iron Father Feirros’ sardonic wisdom have resonated in the hallowed halls of the Iron Council. His enduring presence has become an indelible part of the Chapter’s history, and none can recall a time when another Iron Hand wielded the legendary axe, Harrowhand, during the solemn Rite of Severance – a rite that marks the transformation of a recruit into a true Iron Hand through the replacement of their left hand with an augmetic fist.

Embracing his unique role, Iron Father Feirros carries the extraordinary ranged weapon known as Gorgon’s Wrath. This formidable armament enables him to obliterate distant foes with precision, or to engage them in close combat, unleashing the lethal power of the weapon Harrowhand. As a striking centerpiece for your Iron Hands army, Feirros stands adorned with the masterfully crafted bionics that hold a special place in the hearts of the sons of Medusa.

What’s in the Iron Father Feirros box

  • x17 plastic components that make one Iron Father Feirros model.
  • x1 Citadel 40mm Round Base.

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