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Custodian Wardens Shield-Captain

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Lead the Adeptus Custodes with an unstoppable commander equipped with a misericordia and the option to wield either a castellan axe or a guardian spear, while also having the ability to build four Custodian Wardens and customize a Vexilus Praetor.
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The warriors of the Adeptus Custodes disregard the idea of blind obedience, and look with disdain upon those who follow the orders of their superiors without question. Every Custodian has a voice, and is expected to use it; as such, the Ten Thousand respect only those who have proved themselves worthy, whose judgment, strategic skill and strength of mind have been shown again and again. Such Custodians are called Shield-Captains, and their fellows follow them with loyalty and dedication.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Shield-Captain. He is clad in spectacular, expertly-crafted auramite power armour – this is covered in finely sculpted sigils of the Emperor, with Imperial eagles, lightning bolts, gemstones and filigree covering every surface. The Shield-Captain is armed as standard with with castellan axe and misericordia – he can replace the axe with a guardian spear. Specific helmet plumes, shoulder pads and thigh plates included in the kit make the Shield-Captain distinct from the other Custodian Wardens.

As well as the Shield-Captain, the kit also makes 4 Custodian Wardens, or 3 Custodian Wardens and a Vexilus Praetor. The Custodian Wardens can also be armed with a choice of guardian spear or castellan axe, along with balistus grenade launcher and misericordia. The Vexilus Praetor carries a splendid ornate vexilla.

What’s in the Custodian Wardens Shield-Captain box

  • x78 components that make this kit
  • x5 Citadel 40mm Round bases for the models

How to paint the Custodian Wardens Shield-Captain set

  1. Step 1: Basecoat the models
    Start by applying a basecoat of Retributor Armor to the Custodian Wardens and Shield-Captain using a large brush. This will provide a solid foundation for the metallic armor.
  2. Step 2: Apply wash
    Use Agrax Earthshade wash to add depth and shading to the armor. Apply the wash carefully to the recessed areas, such as the crevices and details of the armor, using a smaller brush.
  3. Step 3: Highlight the armor
    Lightly drybrush the raised edges and surfaces of the armor with Liberator Gold. This will create highlights and bring out the metallic shine.
  4. Step 4: Paint the details
    Use Abaddon Black for the weapons, belt, and other black details on the models. Use Leadbelcher for any metallic accessories or parts of the weapons.
  5. Step 5: Paint the gems
    Apply a basecoat of Khorne Red to any gemstones on the models. Once dry, add a layer of Evil Sunz Scarlet, leaving the Khorne Red visible in the recesses for shading. Finally, apply a small dot of Fire Dragon Bright to create a bright highlight on the gems.
  6. Step 6: Highlight the black
    Carefully edge highlight the black areas with Dawnstone to add depth and definition. This can be done by using a fine detail brush and following the edges of the black sections.
  7. Step 7: Paint the face and flesh
    Use Cadian Fleshtone to paint the exposed skin areas, such as the face, hands, and any other visible flesh. Apply a wash of Reikland Fleshshade to add depth and bring out the facial features.
  8. Step 8: Paint the base
    Apply a basecoat of Astrogranite texture paint to the base. Once dry, drybrush the base with Administratum Grey to highlight the texture. Add some grass tufts or other scenic elements for additional detail.
  9. Step 9: Varnish the models
    To protect your paintwork, apply a thin layer of varnish to the models using a spray or brush-on varnish. This will help prevent chipping and ensure longevity.

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