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Jaghatai Khan, Primarch of The White Scars Legion – A Forge World Miniature

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Command the battlefield with the Jaghatai Khan Forge World Model, an exquisite centerpiece for your V Legion army in Warhammer: The Horus Heresy.
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Dive into the heart of battle with the Jaghatai Khan, Primarch of The White Scars Legion miniature. This Forge World marvel isn’t just a figure; it’s the ultimate centerpiece for any V Legion army.

With both a gaming base and a diorama base included, it’s perfect for both play and display. Note: This is a high-quality resin kit, recommended for expert Warhammer hobbyists aged 15 and over due to its intricate details.

Jaghatai Khan comes in 26 detailed resin pieces, accompanied by a 40mm sculpted base and a larger 60mm diorama base, designed to snugly fit the smaller base.

If you’re keen to bring him into your Warhammer: The Horus Heresy battles, you’ll find all the necessary rules in the Liber Astartes – Loyalist Legiones Astartes Army Book.

Jaghtai Khan in Warhammer 40K Lore

Known as the “Unexpected Storm,” Jaghatai embodies the ferocity and unpredictability of a tempest, striking swiftly and decisively.

His passion for the Great Crusade sets him apart, embracing the boundless hunt through the cosmos’s shadowed reaches with a joyous laughter, even in the heat of battle.

Jaghatai Khan is not merely a warrior; he is a philosopher-warrior who marries discipline with perfection. His approach to warfare is not that of a mindless berserker but rather a skilled artisan dedicated to the art of combat, striving for excellence in every action, whether it be a masterful stroke of his blade or the precise delivery of his commands.

What’s in the Jaghatai Khan – The Forge World Miniature Box

  • x26 resin components that make one Jaghatai Khan model.
  • x1 40mm sculpted base.
  • x1 60mm diorama base (into which the 40mm base fits).

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