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Ravenwing Accessory Pack

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The Ravenwing Accessory Pack is the perfect way to add extra detail to your Ravenwing army. This set includes a range of accessories, from iconography and banners to holsters and pouches, allowing you to customize your Ravenwing bikers and Black Knights.
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The Ravenwing is a highly skilled and revered fast attack force within the Dark Angels Chapter, renowned throughout the Imperium for their expertise on bikes, Land Speeders, and tanks. With the Ravenwing Accessory Pack, you’ll have 99 components at your disposal to customize your Space Marine Bikes, Land Speeders, and tanks. This comprehensive upgrade frame includes a range of parts, such as helmets, robed bodies, and shoulder pads, as well as ornate bike fairings, Land Speeder weapon systems, and Dark Angels icons for tanks and Dreadnoughts. Enhance the aesthetic of your vehicles and show your allegiance to the Ravenwing with this versatile and extensive upgrade kit.

What’s in the Ravenwing Accessory Pack box

  • x99 components – Ornate bike fairings, Land Speeder weapon systems, Dark Angels icons for tanks and Dreadnoughts, as well as a variety of other pieces are all included in this full upgrade frame. With this adaptable and comprehensive upgrade kit, you can improve the appearance of your vehicles and demonstrate your commitment to the Ravenwing.

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