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Lieutenant in Phobos Armour

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Equipped with a combi-weapon and dual combat blades, the Phobos-armored Lieutenant possesses the ability to infiltrate ahead of the primary Space Marine contingent, sowing chaos among adversaries and destabilizing their formations.
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Adorned with a collection of Tyranid mementos, this solitary Space Marine warrior proudly displays a series of trophies attached to his armor, clearly deviating from the standard Codex regulations.

The alien chitin carapace adorning his right shoulder and arm proves particularly advantageous, shielding him from the corrosive ichor that coats his blade.

Additionally, with the inclusion of the knife embedded in his scenic base, this Phobos Lieutenant now wields a total of three blades, showcasing an upgraded arsenal.

These newly introduced Lieutenants possess exceptional skills as assassins and adept gatherers of intelligence. They possess the ability to seamlessly blend into various environments such as jungles, deserts, or tundras, wherever their battles may take place.

Their expertise lies in infiltrating behind enemy lines and delving into the depths of their adversaries’ minds. Their efficiency is such that, often by the time the main Space Marine force arrives, these Lieutenants can be found relaxing with a cup of tea, as the war has already been decisively won.

As depicted in the provided image, the new design draws inspiration from both the Reiver Lieutenant and Phobos Lieutenant.

Being a seasoned operative engaged in a relentless guerrilla warfare on the frontiers of distant worlds, he has resorted to resourcefulness and improvisation with his gear. It’s worth noting that he has ingeniously utilized Tyranid chitin as a makeshift replacement shoulder pad.

To conserve ammunition for his combi-weapon, he has honed his mastery with his paired combat blades even further. The presence of dripping ichor on one of the blades suggests a successful strike against a repulsive xenos enemy.

He draws inspiration from the renowned Tyranid Hunters, evident in his collection of trophies, a distinct three-clawed facial scar, and the preference for a combi-flamer, a weapon favored by the esteemed Chaplain Cassius.

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