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Ministorum Priest with Vindictor

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Unleash the fervor of the Adeptus Ministorum with the Vindictor, now available as a standalone miniature for Warhammer 40,000.
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The Battle Sisters are often accompanied by the zealous clerics of the Adeptus Ministorum, whose passionate litanies ignite a fervor within the ranks, driving them to greater feats of valor in close combat.

These devout warriors don’t just inspire from the sidelines; they plunge into the fray wielding the formidable Vindictor, a weapon that unleashes searing flames alongside the relentless fury of a roaring chainsword.

This highly anticipated miniature, once exclusive to Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, is now available as a standalone release for the first time. Available this Saturday, 8th of June, don’t miss your chance to add this iconic figure to your Adepta Sororitas collection!

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