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Space Marine Jump Packs

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Space Marine Jump Packs are powerful devices that grant incredible mobility to Space Marines on the battlefield. They enable the Marines to swiftly navigate obstacles and engage the enemy head-on. With these Jump Packs, Marines can leap great distances, landing with tremendous impact and unleashing devastating attacks upon their adversaries.
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Space Marine Jump Packs are a crucial piece of equipment for the Space Marines, providing them with unparalleled mobility and striking power on the battlefield. These backpack-mounted engines generate powerful bursts of thrust, allowing the Space Marines to jump over obstacles and cover vast distances in a single bound. The Jump Pack also serves as a potent weapon, allowing the Space Marines to slam into their enemies with incredible force, crushing them under the weight of their armored bodies. With the Jump Pack at their disposal, the Space Marines are a force to be reckoned with, able to strike from any direction with unmatched speed and power.

What’s in the Space Marine Jump Packs box

x5 plastic Space Marine Jump packs to help your Space Marines jump over foes!

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