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Prepare to witness the awe-inspiring might of the Tyrannofex, a living battle fortress boasting unparalleled armor and resilience. This monstrous behemoth surpasses the firepower of even the most formidable enemy battle tanks, both in quantity and destructive potential.
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Embodying the horrifying essence of the Tyranid forces, the Tyrannofex stands as a sinister and macabre addition to any Tyranid collection. Balanced on four limbs, with two hooved and the other two razor-sharp, this formidable creature showcases an outer carapace adorned with ominous chimneys and a long, segmented chitinous tail. Its underside is no less terrifying, with the option to equip either a fleshborer hive or a rupture cannon.

The Tyrannofex is the epitome of Tyranid power and ferocity, capable of wreaking havoc on the battlefield. Its mere presence commands respect and fear, making it a formidable force that can turn the tide of any engagement. Embrace the relentless might of the Tyrannofex and prepare to lead your Tyranid swarm to victory!

What’s in the Tyrannofex box

  • x76 plastic components with which to build one Tyranid Tyrannofex or one Tervigon.
  • x1 Citadel 120mm Oval base.

How to paint the Tyrannofex set

  1. Step 1: Prime the Miniature
    Begin by priming the Tyrannofex with either black or white primer. Black primer provides a darker and more menacing look, while white primer gives a brighter appearance to the final colors.
  2. Step 2: Base Coat Carapace
    Choose a suitable dark purple paint, such as Naggaroth Night or Xereus Purple, to paint the Tyrannofex’s carapace. Apply multiple thin coats for smooth and even coverage, allowing the color to fully develop.
  3. Step 3: Base Coat Skin
    For the Tyrannofex’s skin, use a white or pale tone paint. Colors like Pallid Wych Flesh or Ulthuan Grey work well for this purpose. Apply the paint carefully, covering the skin areas while avoiding the already painted carapace.
  4. Step 4: Shade the Carapace
    Apply a shade, such as Druchii Violet, to the recessed areas of the carapace. This will add depth and shadows, enhancing the texture and details of the Tyrannofex’s armor.
  5. Step 5: Shade the Skin
    Use a shade like Seraphim Sepia for the white/pale skin areas. This will add definition and contrast to the skin texture, making it look more realistic.
  6. Step 6: Highlight the Carapace
    Using a lighter shade of purple, like Genestealer Purple or Xereus Purple, carefully highlight the raised edges of the carapace. This will create contrast and make the armor stand out even more.
  7. Step 7: Highlight the Skin
    Using a lighter white or pale tone, like White Scar or Pallid Wych Flesh, highlight the raised areas of the Tyrannofex’s skin. This will give the skin a brighter appearance and add dimension.
  8. Step 8: Fine Details
    Now, use a smaller brush to paint the fine details of the Tyrannofex, such as its eyes, mouth, and any other small features. For the eyes, use a contrasting color like Mephiston Red to make them stand out.
  9. Step 9: Optional Weathering
    For a battle-worn look, you can add weathering effects using dry brushing or sponge techniques. Use a slightly darker shade of purple on the carapace and a slightly darker tone of white/pale on the skin to simulate wear and tear.
  10. Step 10: Varnish and Display
    Once you’re satisfied with the paint job, let the miniature dry completely. Then, apply a coat of varnish to protect your work and ensure its longevity. We recommend Stormshield for this, a matte finish that fits the theme of Tyranids.

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