Golden Demon 2024 – New Updates and Recap of Everything we know so far!

The prestigious Golden Demon painting competition, renowned as the pinnacle of miniature painting contests, has unveiled exciting details for its 2024 edition.
Golden Daemon 2024 Announcement
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Update: The Complete list of Golden Demon 2024 Winners!

Golden Demon, the apex of Warhammer painting competitions, is set for its grand 2024 iteration. This globally lauded event attracts thousands of entrants from around the world.

The European segment of the competition is scheduled to take place at SPIEL Essen in Germany on the 3rd of October, while the American round will be hosted at AdeptiCon, located in Schaumburg, IL, from March 20th to 24th.

Varied Categories for Every Painter

Golden Demon 2024 Category List

Golden Demon 2024 sees significant expansions, enhancing its inclusivity. The Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar categories now embrace Kill Team and Warcry warbands, and new categories have been added for Vehicles and Large Models.

These changes open the doors for a wider variety of entries, including Necromunda, Blood Bowl, and other epic-scale Warhammer series miniatures.

Golden Demon’s diverse range of categories caters to all artistic inclinations within the Warhammer realm. From individual miniatures to grandiose dioramas and thematic assemblies, there’s a place for every type of miniature painter.

Complete List of Golden Demon Categories for 2024

Warhammer 40,000 Categories

  1. Single Miniature: This category includes any individual Warhammer 40,000 miniature, from Space Marines to Roboute Guilliman, mounted on suitable bases. Suitable for characters and units on smaller mounts like bikes or beasts, larger figures are directed to the Large Miniature or Vehicle category.
  2. Unit or Kill Team: Designed for Warhammer 40,000 squads or Kill Teams comprising three or more miniatures. Applicable to a range of units from Grots to Tyranid Warriors, including those on small vehicles or mounts. Larger vehicle squadrons like tanks should be entered into the Open Competition.
  3. Large Miniature or Vehicle: Encompasses any single large Warhammer 40,000 model or vehicle, from tanks and walkers to flyers and large monsters. Examples include Falcon grav-tanks, Nemesis Dreadknights, and Greater Daemons. Models not requiring a base may still be mounted on one for this category.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Categories

  1. Single Miniature: This category is open to any single Warhammer Age of Sigmar miniature, ranging from Moonclan Grots to Mawtribe Ogors and named characters like Radukar the Beast. Suitable for miniatures mounted on smaller creatures like horses or gryph-chargers, but those on large monsters are directed to the Large Miniature or War Machine categories.
  2. Unit or Warcry Warband: Designed for Warhammer Age of Sigmar units or Warcry warbands with three or more miniatures. This category includes a range of units, from Skaven Stormvermin to Mighty Skullcrushers, whether on foot or mounted on smaller creatures. Larger miniatures and those on large monsters should enter the Open Competition.
  3. Large Miniature or War Machine: Encompasses any single large Warhammer Age of Sigmar model, including monsters and war machines, such as Carnosaurs or Maw-krushas, and named characters like Archaon the Everchosen on Dorghar.

Warhammer Underworlds Category

  1. Single Miniature or Complete Warband: This category accepts any single miniature or entire warband from Warhammer Underworlds, covering all seasons of the game. Each entry should be mounted on a suitable base.

Other Categories in Golden Demon 2024

  1. Warhammer: The Horus Heresy: Open to single miniatures, war machines, or units from the series, including Primarchs, Tactical Squads, and Titans. All entries should be on appropriate bases, even if not typically required.
  2. Warhammer: The Old World: This category welcomes any single miniature or unit, such as Orc Boar Boyz, Tomb Kings on Necrolith Bone Dragons, or Empire of Man Steam Tanks. Entries can be mounted or on foot and must be on suitable bases.
  3. Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game: Accepts any single miniature or unit from the game, including characters like Frodo Baggins™ and larger figures like Smaug™, all on appropriately sized bases.
  4. Blood Bowl: For single miniatures or teams from Blood Bowl, including Star Players, Referees, and entire teams, all mounted on suitable bases.
  5. Necromunda: Open to any single miniature or gang, such as Kal Jerico or an Orlock Gang, with all entries required to be on appropriately sized bases.
  6. Epic Scale: Focuses on epic scale miniatures, either a single Titan or groups of smaller elements (up to three), like infantry squads, tank squadrons, or Knight lances, all on suitable bases.
  7. Diorama and Duel: A category for scenic displays and duels set in the universes of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000, and others. The theme is open, but the subject must be fitting for the chosen world, and all entries must be on appropriate bases.
  8. The Youngbloods category is exclusively designed for participants aged 12 to 15 years old. It welcomes any single miniature from all the Warhammer universes. The Youngbloods winner is not eligible for the main contest’s Slayer Sword award.
  9. The Open Competition invites entries from a broad spectrum of the Warhammer universes. Participants can submit any single entry, ranging from individual miniatures and vehicles to dioramas. The winner of the Open Competition is not eligible for the Slayer Sword award.

The Coveted Slayer Sword

The competition’s crowning glory is the prestigious Slayer Sword, a physical sword awarded to the overall winner, symbolizing the highest honor in miniature painting. While the Open Competition winner is acknowledged separately, they are not in contention for the Slayer Sword, maintaining its exclusive status.

Ensuring Fair Play

To maintain the competition’s integrity, Golden Demon enforces detailed Terms and Conditions. Entrants are encouraged to review these rules thoroughly, as participation signifies agreement to all terms, ensuring a fair and transparent competition for all.

Golden Demon 2024 is more than a contest; it’s a celebration of the passion and craftsmanship within the Warhammer painting community. It’s an event that offers both participants and spectators a chance to delve into the rich and colorful world of miniature painting.


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