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Abaddon Black – Air Paint

Abaddon Black - Air Paint Citadel Colour

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Abaddon Black from Citadel Colour is a high-quality air paint that is perfect for painting dark, ominous surfaces like armor, vehicles, and even terrain. With its smooth consistency and deep, rich color, Abaddon Black is a must-have for any serious hobbyist or painter looking to add depth and drama to their work.
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Abaddon Black – Air Paint Paint Review

Abaddon Black – Air Paint is a rich, matte black paint that is perfect for use as a base coat for miniature painting. The high-quality pigments in the paint ensure that it provides excellent coverage and a smooth, even finish. This paint is ideal for beginners as it is easy to work with and provides a solid foundation for more advanced techniques. It is part of the Citadel Colour range of acrylic paints specifically formulated for miniature and model painting.

What Xenos Armies to paint with Abaddon Black – Air Paint

  • The Chaos Space Marines – Abaddon Black is the primary color for the armor of Chaos Space Marines. It is a perfect match for the dark and gritty aesthetic of the Warhammer 40K universe. The soldiers of this faction are known for their corrupted and twisted nature, and Abaddon Black helps to convey that sense of darkness and decay.
  • The Necrons – The Necrons are an ancient faction of robotic warriors who have risen from their tomb-like structures to reclaim the galaxy. Their armor is primarily metallic, but it is often painted with Abaddon Black to create a sense of age and wear on the machinery. This adds to the eerie and unsettling feeling that Necrons are known for.
  • The Imperial Guard – The Imperial Guard are the primary infantry of the Imperium, and their armor is also painted with Abaddon Black. This gives the soldiers a sense of uniformity and discipline, while also helping to hide the dirt and grime that is often present on the battlefield. It also works well with the tanks and heavy machinery used by the Imperial Guard, providing a consistent color scheme for the entire army.

In short, I listed these 3 armies because they are well known for their dark, gritty and ancient aesthetic in the Warhammer 40K universe, Abaddon Black is the perfect color to paint their armor, machinery, tanks and infantry. It is also a common color among these factions, which makes it a great option for painting an entire army.

Abaddon Black – Air Paint Colour Schemes & Combinations

  • Caliban Green – Caliban Green is a great color to use in combination with Abaddon Black as it is a complementary color. This means that it is opposite to Abaddon Black on the color wheel, creating a strong contrast and making the green pop. This color can be used to add highlights to the black, or as a base color for areas such as foliage or clothing.
  • Alaitoc Blue – Alaitoc Blue is another complementary color to Abaddon Black, providing a stark contrast and making it ideal for highlights or other accent areas. This blue hue can also be used to create a sense of depth and shadow, as it is darker than Caliban Green.
  • Ironbreaker – Ironbreaker is a metallic silver color that can be used to add a sense of shine and detail to the black areas of the model. This color can be used to highlight edges, or to add a metallic finish to the armor or machinery.

To put it briefly, I’ve listed these hues because they go well with Abaddon Black to produce a harmonious and aesthetically beautiful color scheme. 

These hues were selected using color theory, complimentary, split-complementary, analogous, and metallic hues that might be used to draw attention to and emphasize model details. You can combine these hues to make a harmonious and captivating color scheme for your model.

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