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Agrellan Badland

Agrellan Badland Technical Paint Citadel Colour

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Agrellan Badland is a textured paint from Citadel Colour that creates a dry and cracked earth effect, perfect for creating a barren and desolate landscape. When dry, it forms a hard and durable surface that can be further enhanced with drybrushing or washes.
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Agrellan Badland Paint Review

The Agrellan Badland paint from Citadel Colour is an acrylic paint with a unique matt finish that provides excellent foundation coverage for miniatures. This earthy, warm tone serves as a base coat for many miniature painting projects, acting as a perfect blank canvas to start building upon. The pigments in Agrellan Badland are carefully selected to provide the right balance of warmth and neutrality, making it a versatile choice for many painting palettes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced miniature painter, Agrellan Badland is a valuable addition to your colour palette.

What armies to paint with Agrellan Badland

When painting Xeno armies in the Warhammer 40K universe, Agrellan Badland can be a great choice for base coats. This paint has a rich, earthy tone that can bring out the gritty, battle-worn look of a faction’s armor and machinery. The following are three armies that can be effectively painted with Agrellan Badland:

  • The Tyranids – This insectoid army is known for their biologically engineered weapons and armor, and Agrellan Badland provides a suitable base color to show the age and wear on these surfaces.
  • The Necrons – As a faction of ancient robots, the Necrons can benefit from a base coat of Agrellan Badland to give the impression of being unearthed from the depths of a barren planet.
  • The Orks – Orks are a rough-and-tumble army, and Agrellan Badland provides a perfect base color for their makeshift weapons and armor, giving the impression that they have been cobbled together from the scraps of a barren wasteland.

In general, the choice to paint these specific armies with Agrellan Badland was made because the paint’s earthy, grounding tone adds a level of realism and believability to the appearance of the factions and their machinery.

Agrellan Badland Colour Schemes & Combinations

When choosing colors to use in combination with Agrellan Badland, you can consider the following list of Citadel Colour paints:

  • Mephiston Red – A bright, intense red pigment that can be used to bring out the fiery aspects of Agrellan Badland, creating a high-contrast color scheme.
  • Eshin Grey – A cool, neutral grey that can be used to create shadows and highlights, bringing balance and depth to the overall color scheme.
  • Xereus Purple – A deep, rich purple hue that can complement the red and black tones in Agrellan Badland, creating a split-complementary color scheme.

These colors were selected based on the principles of color theory and complementary color combinations. The use of a bright red, neutral grey, and deep purple creates a bold and intense color palette, perfect for creating a striking appearance on Warhammer 40K Xeno Armies. These colors can be used to add highlights and shadows, bringing depth and balance to the overall color scheme.

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