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Sigmarite is a warm gold paint from Citadel Colour's range of acrylic paints. It has a smooth consistency and provides excellent coverage, making it a popular choice for painting miniatures and models. With its bold, striking color, Sigmarite is perfect for adding depth and dimension to any project.
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Sigmarite Paint Review

The Sigmarite paint from Citadel Colour is an elegant, warm and metallic base coat that is ideal for painting miniatures. With its rich pigments and acrylic formula, this paint provides excellent coverage and is a great foundation for further highlighting or shading. Sigmarite has a distinctive, metallic shine that creates a sense of depth and dimension, making it perfect for adding highlights to armour, machinery, or other details. It’s a versatile colour that can be used as a base or accent and is suitable for both beginner and experienced miniature painters. Whether you’re looking to create a bold, eye-catching palette or simply add a touch of metallic elegance to your miniatures, the Sigmarite paint is an excellent choice.

What Space Marine armies to paint with Sigmarite

The Sigmarite paint from Citadel Colour is a versatile and timeless shade of metallic silver that can be used to paint various Warhammer 40K armies. The following factions would greatly benefit from its use:

  • Adeptus Mechanicus – The Adeptus Mechanicus army features advanced technological soldiers and machinery, and the Sigmarite paint can be used to add a metallic sheen to the intricate details of their weapons and armor.
  • Space Marines – Space Marines are the legendary warriors of the Imperium, and the Sigmarite paint would perfectly highlight their iconic power armor and bolt guns.
  • Imperial Guard – The Imperial Guard relies heavily on its tanks and heavy artillery, and the Sigmarite paint would provide a sleek metallic finish to these weapons, making them stand out on the battlefield.

The decision to list these specific armies was made by considering the fact that Sigmarite is a classic metallic silver paint, and would complement the futuristic and technological themes present in the Adeptus Mechanicus, Space Marines, and Imperial Guard factions. Additionally, the use of metallic paints adds a level of visual interest and can enhance the overall aesthetic of miniatures.

Sigmarite Colour Schemes & Combinations

Sigmarite is a warm, golden yellow paint that works well as a base for armies that want to convey a sense of holy or divine power. The paint has a solid, opaque coverage and dries to a matte finish, making it a great foundation for building up layers of detail.

Examples of Citadel Colour paints that would work well with Sigmarite include:

  • Mephiston Red: A deep, rich red that provides a bold contrast to the golden tones of Sigmarite.
  • Auric Armor Gold: A metallic gold that can be used to add highlights and accents to areas painted with Sigmarite.
  • Skallari Bone: A warm, light bone color that can be used to create highlights or as a neutral base for highlighting other colors.

When paired with other colors, the best way to complement Sigmarite is to choose colors that are either directly complementary or that are part of an analogous color scheme. For this reason, red, gold, and bone are all great choices to use in combination with Sigmarite.

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