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Nurgling Green – Dry

Nurgling Green Dry Paint Citadel Colour

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Nurgling Green Dry is a high-quality paint from Citadel Colour, a renowned brand in the miniature painting industry. This particular paint is designed to provide a realistic and vibrant green color, perfect for painting Nurgle-themed miniatures or terrain. It has a unique "dry" formulation that allows for easy application and excellent coverage, making it a popular choice among miniature painters.
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Nurgling Green – Dry Paint Review

Nurgling Green is a vivid and lively paint from Citadel Colour, perfect for bringing energy and life to your miniature painting projects. With a high-quality acrylic base and a smooth, matt finish, this paint provides excellent coverage and pigmentation, making it an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced painters alike. The vibrant green hue of Nurgling Green creates a bold foundation for your miniature, making it an ideal choice for painting everything from creatures and characters to foliage and scenery. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to your Warhammer 40K army or simply want to bring your miniature to life, Nurgling Green is a versatile and effective paint that should be a staple in your palette.

What vehicle armies to paint with Nurgling Green

If you’re looking to bring some vivid and lively color to your Warhammer 40K vehicles, Nurgling Green is a great choice. Here are three vehicles that are particularly well-suited to be painted with this paint:

  • Ork Battlewagon – This large, ramshackle tank is a classic vehicle in the Warhammer 40K universe, and its rough, haphazard construction is perfectly suited to the energetic and vibrant tones of Nurgling Green.
  • Chaos Rhino – This heavily armored transport vehicle is used by many factions within the Armies of Chaos, and its menacing, angular lines provide a perfect canvas for the bold and striking hues of Nurgling Green.
  • Imperial Guard Chimera – This heavily armed and armored transport vehicle is used by the Imperial Guard army, and its utilitarian design and heavy armor provide a great contrast to the vivid and lively tones of Nurgling Green.

When choosing vehicles to paint with Nurgling Green, it’s important to consider the character and style of the vehicle, as well as the visual impact you want to create. These three vehicles are all well-suited to the lively and energetic tones of Nurgling Green, and the combination of their formidable appearance and the bold hues of this paint creates a striking and impactful visual effect.

Nurgling Green Colour Schemes & Combinations

To complement the vivid and lively hue of Nurgling Green, you might consider pairing it with a range of white, purple, and brown paints from Citadel Colour. These colors provide a balance and harmony with Nurgling Green, creating a visually appealing and dynamic color palette.

Here are three Citadel Colour paints that work well with Nurgling Green:

  • White Scar – This clean, bright white provides a great contrast to the energetic green of Nurgling Green, creating a high-impact and dynamic look.
  • Xereus Purple – This rich, dark purple provides a complementary color to Nurgling Green, adding depth and richness to your painting.
  • Bugman’s Glow – This warm, reddish-brown provides a split-complementary color to Nurgling Green, creating a natural and harmonious color combination.

In general, when selecting colors to pair with Nurgling Green, you might consider using a color wheel to choose colors that are complementary, split-complementary, or analogous to Nurgling Green. This can help ensure that your colors are well-balanced and harmonious, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look for your miniature painting.

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