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Sigvald Burgundy

Sigvald Burgundy Contrast Paint Citadel Colour

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Sigvald Burgundy is a rich and decadent paint from Citadel Colour that exudes elegance and luxury. This vibrant color is perfect for adding depth and drama to any miniature, and its smooth consistency makes it easy to apply. Whether you're a seasoned hobbyist or just starting out, Sigvald Burgundy is a must-have for any paint collection.
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Sigvald Burgundy Paint Review

Sigvald Burgundy is a deep, rich red paint from Citadel Colour. As a base coat, it provides a smooth, even foundation for miniature painting. Its matt finish is perfect for creating shadows and depth on miniatures, and the high-quality pigments ensure excellent coverage. This paint is an exceptional addition to any beginner’s palette and pairs well with other reds, as well as metallics and other bold colours.

What armies to paint with Sigvald Burgundy

Sigvald Burgundy is a deep, rich burgundy color that would work well as a primary color for any army that features a lot of red, purple, or gold. Here are a few armies that could be painted using the Sigvald Burgundy paint:

  • Chaos Space Marines: Sigvald Burgundy is a fitting color for a Chaos Space Marine army, as many of their units are adorned with ornate armor and decorations. A Chaos Space Marine army painted in burgundy and gold would look striking on the battlefield.
  • Thousand Sons: The Thousand Sons are a Chaos Space Marine faction that focuses on psychic abilities and sorcery. They are often depicted wearing ornate, Egyptian-inspired armor in shades of blue and gold. Painting their armor in a deep burgundy instead of blue could be a unique twist on their traditional color scheme.
  • Eldar: The Eldar are a highly advanced, ancient race of beings with a strong emphasis on aesthetics. Their armor is frequently adorned with intricate patterns and designs, and a burgundy and gold color scheme would be fitting for such a refined army.
  • Harlequins: The Harlequins are a faction of Eldar known for their acrobatic combat style and flamboyant, colourful costumes. Sigvald Burgundy could be a striking base color for their armor, which could then be accented with brighter colours to create a vibrant, eye-catching army.

Sigvald Burgundy Colour Schemes & Combinations

  • Kantor Blue -This rich blue color provides a complementary contrast to the burgundy hue of Sigvald Burgundy, and can be used to create striking highlights and shadows on miniatures. It pairs well with a range of other blue shades, as well as with other warm colours like orange and yellow.
  • Fire Dragon Bright – This vibrant orange shade is a great choice for highlighting details and creating accents on miniatures painted with Sigvald Burgundy. As a warm color, it also helps to balance out the cool tones of the blue and provide a cohesive color scheme overall. It can be used to create dynamic highlights and shadows, as well as to create contrast with other colours like blue and bone.
  • Ushabti Bone – As a neutral color, bone shades like Ushabti Bone provide a versatile foundation for other colours in the palette, and help to create contrast and balance in a miniature. It can be used to create subtle highlights and shadows on miniatures painted with Sigvald Burgundy, as well as to create contrast with other colours in the palette like blue and orange. Additionally, the metallic sheen of Ushabti Bone can be used to create interesting metallic effects on weapons and armor.

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