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Guilliman Flesh Contrast Paint Citadel Colour

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Guilliman Flesh is a versatile paint from Citadel Colour, perfect for painting human flesh tones, from fair skin to dark complexions. With its smooth consistency and excellent coverage, it provides a natural-looking finish that's ideal for both beginner and advanced painters.
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Guilliman Flesh Paint Review

Citadel Colour’s Guilliman Flesh is a paint that features a strong, robust base coat that offers excellent coverage and a smooth finish. It’s an acrylic color designed for miniature painting that’s easy to work with and produces consistent results. With its high-quality pigments and a matt finish, Guilliman Flesh is an ideal foundation for a variety of flesh tones and can be an excellent addition to any painter’s palette. It’s a great option for both beginners and experienced miniature painters alike, thanks to its reliable and versatile coverage.

What Xenos armies to paint with Guilliman Flesh

When it comes to Warhammer 40K Xenos armies that you can paint with Citadel Colour’s Guilliman Flesh, here are three factions that come to mind:

  • T’au Empire – The T’au are an advanced and technologically sophisticated race that emphasizes ranged firepower and mobility. Their battlesuits and vehicles are often adorned with bright colors, and the pale blue-green skin of the T’au Fire Caste contrasts well with the warm tones of Guilliman Flesh.
  • Aeldari – The Aeldari are an ancient and mysterious race of Eldar who possess incredible psychic powers and sophisticated technology. Their armour and vehicles often feature complex patterns and vibrant colors, and the pale, ghostly complexion of their infantry provides an excellent contrast to the warm tones of Guilliman Flesh.
  • Necrons – The Necrons are an ancient, soulless race of metallic constructs who seek to reclaim their former glory. Their weapons and vehicles have a sleek, otherworldly appearance, and the warm, fleshy tones of Guilliman Flesh provide an interesting contrast to the cold, metallic appearance of their army.

The decision to recommend these specific factions was based on the contrast and visual interest that can be created by combining the warm tones of Guilliman Flesh with the unique features and aesthetics of each Xenos army. By painting your miniatures with Guilliman Flesh, you can create a range of skin tones that can help set your Xenos army apart from others on the battlefield.

Guilliman Flesh Colour Schemes & Combinations

Guilliman Flesh is a warm, mid-tone flesh color, so we want to choose other colors that complement it, creating a balanced color combo. One way to achieve this is by using split-complementary colors, which are hues that sit on either side of a complementary color on the color wheel. In this case, our complementary color would be green, which sits opposite to red on the color wheel.

With that in mind, here is a list of black, yellow, and silver Citadel Colour paints that work well with Guilliman Flesh:

  • Black: Abaddon Black can be used to create shadows and contrast against the warmth of the flesh tone.
  • Yellow: Averland Sunset is a bright, warm yellow that can be used to create highlights and bring out the warmth in Guilliman Flesh.
  • Silver: Runefang Steel is a bright, metallic silver that can be used to add a bit of shine to armor or weapons, creating a contrast with the flesh tones.

We can also choose analogous colors that sit adjacent to Guilliman Flesh on the color wheel. For example, using colors such as Mephiston Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet can create a vibrant, fiery effect that can be used to highlight areas of the model.

In conclusion, picking a color scheme that goes well with Guilliman Flesh is crucial. Split-complementary or analogous hues help us achieve a balanced appearance that brings out the finer details of the model. 

Abaddon Black, a darker color, can be used to make shadows, and Averland Sunset, a brighter color, can be used to add highlights. Runefang Steel and other metallics can help to contrast the model and highlight particular features.

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