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Baal Red Contrast Paint Citadel Colour

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Baal Red is a vibrant red paint from Citadel Colour, perfect for adding a bold pop of color to any miniature. Its high pigment density ensures smooth, consistent coverage and a stunning finish.
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Baal Red Paint Review

Baal Red is a technical paint from Citadel Colour with a rich, deep crimson hue that evokes the fiery heat of the sun. This acrylic paint has a matt finish that adds depth and texture to any miniature painted with it. Its pigments are finely ground, providing excellent coverage and a smooth, even coat. This color is a great foundation for highlighting and shading, making it a useful addition to any beginner or advanced painter’s palette. Whether you’re painting flames, blood, or other fiery details, Baal Red is a versatile and striking color for any miniature painting project.

What Xenos Armies to paint with Baal Red

Due upon their distinctive look, which may be accentuated by the usage of Baal Red, it was decided to list these particular armies. These armies’ varied playstyles and backstories also lend themselves to a variety of painting methods and effects. You may give these troops a unified, stunning color scheme that represents their alien origin and the ferocious destruction they bring to the battlefield by painting them in Baal Red.

  • Tyranids: Tyranids are a swarm-like alien race that consume all organic matter in their path. Their carapaces, claws, and teeth would look fantastic painted with Baal Red, providing a fiery contrast to their naturalistic tones. Whether you’re painting the monstrous Carnifex or the smaller, but equally deadly Termagants, Baal Red can help you create a striking and cohesive color scheme for your Tyranid army.
  • Craftworld Eldar: The Eldar are an ancient and enigmatic race with a unique aesthetic that draws heavily on gemstones and crystals. Baal Red could be used to create a fiery, gem-like effect on their armor, or to provide a striking contrast to their naturalistic robes and cloaks. Whether you’re painting a fleet of jetbikes, or a squad of elite Aspect Warriors, Baal Red can help you create a unique and eye-catching color scheme for your Eldar army.
  • Orks: Orks are a savage and anarchic alien race that loves nothing more than fighting, looting, and causing mayhem. Baal Red could be used to create a blood-splattered effect on their weapons and armor, or to provide a striking contrast to their naturalistic tones. Whether you’re painting a horde of Ork Boyz, or a mob of big, brutish Nobz, Baal Red can help you create a visually impressive and unique color scheme for your Ork army.

Baal Red Colour Schemes & Combinations

  • Pink: Since pink and Baal Red are complementary colors, using them together is a great idea. As a result, when used with Baal Red, these hues will complement one another on the color wheel. Emperor’s Children, a vivid and bright pink, is a nice illustration of a pink Citadel Color paint. Baal Red-painted areas can be highlighted with Emperor’s Children to produce a strong and eye-catching contrast.
  • Silver: As a metallic hue that can offer a stunning contrast to Baal Red’s deep, rich tones, silver is a fantastic color to use with Baal Red. Runefang Steel, a silver Citadel Color paint with a bright and reflective sheen, is a nice illustration. Baal Red-painted armor or weapons can be highlighted with Runefang Steel to give them a metallic sheen that catches the light and draws attention.
  • Brass: Another metallic hue that complements Baal Red effectively is brass. It is a warm, rich color that contrasts nicely with Baal Red’s chilly, deep tones. Gehenna’s Gold, which has a rich, warm tone and may be used to create highlights on areas that have been painted with Baal Red, is a nice illustration of a brass Citadel Color paint. You may give your miniature a sense of depth and dimension while also adding a dash of aesthetic flair by highlighting elevated sections of armor or weaponry with Gehenna’s Gold.

Based on color theory and the connections between colors on the color wheel, it was decided to include these particular hues. Silver and brass are split-complimentary colors, while pink is complementary to Baal Red.

Additionally, the metallic nature of silver and brass provides a nice contrast to the matt finish of Baal Red, creating a dynamic effect on the miniature.

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