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Stirland Mud Technical Paint Citadel Colour

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Stirland Mud is a rich and earthy brown paint from Citadel Colour, perfect for achieving a realistic and natural-looking base for your miniatures. Its textured finish gives depth and dimension to any terrain or miniature base. This paint is easy to apply and dries quickly, making it a popular choice for hobbyists and gamers alike.
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Stirland Mud Paint Review

Stirland Mud from Citadel Colour is a versatile earthy brown paint that provides a solid foundation for any miniature painting project. This acrylic paint has a matt finish and is made with pigments that deliver rich color and excellent coverage. Stirland Mud is perfect for beginners looking for a base coat for their miniatures, as it provides a great foundation for other colours to sit on top of. The earthy brown hue of Stirland Mud is a staple of the miniature painting palette, making it a great addition to any painter’s collection.

What Xenos Armies to paint with Stirland Mud

The Stirland Mud paint from Citadel Colour is a great choice for painting various Warhammer 40K Xeno armies.

  • The first army that Stirland Mud would complement well is the Necrons. This paint can be used to provide a rusty, ancient look to the Necrons’ metallic bodies and machinery, adding to their already eerie appearance.
  • Another great option is the Tyranids. Stirland Mud can be used to create a believable, grimy and dirty appearance to the Tyranid’s monstrous bio-machinery and carapaces.
  • Stirland Mud can also be used to paint the Orks’ machinery, weapons, and armor, giving them a dirty and well-worn look, which perfectly fits their brutal and chaotic nature in the Warhammer 40K universe.

In choosing these armies, the decision was based on how the dull, earthy tones of Stirland Mud can provide a nice contrast to the metallic and brightly colored elements of the Xeno factions’ armor and machinery. By using this paint as a base coat, a beginner or experienced painter can easily create a well-balanced palette that highlights the different hues and shadows in their miniature painting.

Stirland Mud Colour Schemes & Combinations

The following Citadel Colour paints can be used together with Stirland Mud to achieve a harmonious and striking color scheme:

  • Pink Horror – A bright pink hue that will contrast nicely against the neutral tone of Stirland Mud, providing a pop of color.
  • White Scar – A versatile white paint that can be used to highlight the details of your miniatures, creating a bright and clean look.
  • Seraphim Sepia – A purple hue that complements the earthy tone of Stirland Mud, making it a great choice for creating depth and shadows.

To achieve a balanced color palette, this choice was made by fusing complementary color theory with color theory. 

The Stirland Mud’s neutral base will gain depth and interest from the similar pink and purple hues, while the white highlights give the material a crisp, contemporary appearance.

These colors work together to produce a split-complementary color scheme that offers a pleasing contrast and balance.

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