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Space Wolves Grey Contrast Paint Citadel Colour

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Space Wolves Grey is a paint from Citadel Colour that is perfect for painting the armor of Space Wolves Space Marines. It has a cool, blue-grey hue that gives off an icy, Nordic feel. With its smooth and easy-to-use formula, Space Wolves Grey will provide a clean and crisp finish to your models.
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Space Wolves Grey Paint Review

Space Wolves Grey from Citadel Colour is a popular base coat color for miniature painting. Its subtle bluish-grey undertone, similar to the color of a cloudy sky, creates an air of mystery and intrigue, and the paint’s fine pigments provide smooth coverage with a uniform, matte finish. It is part of Citadel Colour’s foundation paint range, which is formulated to provide excellent coverage for beginners and experienced painters alike. Space Wolves Grey is a versatile color that can be used in combination with other colors from the Citadel Colour palette to create unique color schemes for miniatures.

What armies to paint with Space Wolves Grey

There are several Warhammer 40K armies that can be painted with Space Wolves Grey from Citadel Colour. The decision to choose these specific armies is based on their color schemes and lore.

  • Space Wolves – Space Wolves Grey is an obvious choice for this army, as it is part of their color scheme. The Space Wolves are a fierce and independent faction, with a Viking-inspired aesthetic. Space Wolves Grey can be used to paint the armor and fur on their models, as well as the trim on their weapons.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus – The Adeptus Mechanicus are a faction of tech-priests and cyborg soldiers, and their color scheme features a lot of metallics and grays. Space Wolves Grey can be used as a base coat for their armor, as well as to paint the metal components of their machinery and weapons.
  • Imperial Guard – The Imperial Guard is a human army that relies on large numbers of infantry and tanks. Space Wolves Grey can be used to paint the armor on their tanks and the fabric on their uniforms. It can also be used to add weathering effects, such as dirt and dust, to their models.

Overall, Space Wolves Grey is a versatile color that can be used to paint a variety of different armies in the Warhammer 40K universe. Its bluish-gray undertone adds depth and interest to models, and its matte finish provides a solid foundation for layering other colors.

Space Wolves Grey Colour Schemes & Combinations

When choosing Citadel Colour paints that can be used together with Space Wolves Grey, several considerations come into play. The selection of white, orange, and flesh colors is based on color theory principles and balance, as well as creating a color combo that is both harmonious and eye-catching.

  • White: Celestra Grey is a good choice for highlighting Space Wolves Grey, as it is a lighter shade of grey that can be used to create a subtle gradient effect. The two colors together create a split-complementary color scheme, which is pleasing to the eye.
  • Orange: Fire Dragon Bright is a bold and vibrant orange color that can be used to add a pop of color to Space Wolves Grey models. Orange is an analogous color to red, which is the complementary color of green, the opposite of Space Wolves Grey on the color wheel. This color combo creates a strong contrast that draws the eye.
  • Flesh: Kislev Flesh is a light flesh tone that can be used to paint the faces and hands of Space Wolves Grey models. This color is an example of a hue that is analogous to Space Wolves Grey, creating a sense of cohesion and harmony between the colors.

Overall, color theory principles and balance were used to choose these white, orange, and flesh Citadel Colour paints to go with Space Wolves Grey, resulting in a color combination that is both harmonic and eye-catching. These hues can give Space Wolves Grey models more depth, intrigue, and contrast when applied collectively.

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