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Step into the world of Warhammer 40,000 and revolutionize your Ork army with the new Big Mek miniature. Immerse yourself in the mechanical mastery of Ork technology and lead your faction to new heights – coming soon.
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Discover the ingenuity of Ork technology with the latest addition to their ranks, the formidable Big Mek. Revered as the master engineers of the Ork warbands, Big Meks wield immense prestige, rivalling even that of the Warbosses.

Step into the boots of a Big Mek, now elevated beyond mere foot-slogging with a formidable exo-harness.

This new model is a testament to Ork ingenuity, brimming with intricate mechanical details such as intertwined wires, crudely attached metal plates, and a tool-laden apron, evoking the image of a true Ork workshop maestro.

The Big Mek’s personal arsenal is as impressive as it is diverse, featuring a devastating hydraulic klaw and a drilla capable of puncturing the toughest armour.

Additionally, the model offers the choice of arming this mighty Mek with a kustom mega-blasta or a traktor blasta, the latter perfect for grounding enemy aircraft with Ork-like finesse.

But the marvels of Ork technology don’t stop at weaponry. The Big Mek’s bionik exoskeleton is outfitted with a shokk-boosta, enabling him and his followers to teleport across the battlefield, bypassing obstacles and enemy lines with ease. This tactical advantage ensures the Big Mek and his forces are always where the fight is thickest.

Prepare to lead your Ork horde with the newest, most impressive Big Mek yet, available first in the upcoming Ork Battleforce – the Stompa Boyz, and later as a standalone model. Enhance your collection and battlefield tactics with this epitome of Ork craftsmanship and might!

Big Mek Datasheets

Big Mek Box Contents

The contents of the box set will be available at a later date with the miniature release, so stay tuned!

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