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Jackal Alphus

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Prepare to witness the mightiest and swiftest of their pack, the Jackal Alphus. With deadly precision and nerves of steel, this extraordinary leader has left the Ordo Xenos in awe, drawing comparisons to the esteemed Imperial Assassins.
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The Jackal Alphus is the ideal choice to spearhead your armoured Genestealer Cults army, fearlessly leading columns of Atalan Jackals or Goliath Trucks on her formidable dirtcycle. Armed with a jackal sniper rifle, she excels at taking down enemy champions, proving to be a deadly asset on the battlefield. What’s more, her Priority Target Sighted ability is a game-changer, allowing you to nominate enemy units for destruction, boosting the accuracy of nearby Genestealer Cults forces when they open fire.

In this kit, you’ll find all the components needed to construct one remarkable Jackal Alphus. With its awe-inspiring design, this model will be a rewarding masterpiece to paint, or it can seamlessly blend in as the perfect addition to your existing Genestealer Cults army.

Embrace the power of the Jackal Alphus, and lead your Genestealer Cults to victory in the ever-unfolding drama of the 41st millennium. Your foes won’t stand a chance against the might of this enigmatic leader! So, seize the opportunity and let the legend of the Jackal Alphus begin!

What’s in the Jackal Alphus box

  • x13 plastic components that make 1 Jackal Alphus model.
  • x1 Citadel 60mm oval base.

How to paint the Jackal Alphus set

  1. Step 1: Clothing
    Let’s start by painting the Jackal Alphus’s clothing. A great choice for this would be a blue-green color, such as Stegadon Scale Green. Apply a smooth and even base coat to cover the clothing areas.
  2. Step 2: Shade the Clothing
    To add depth and shadows to the clothing, use Coelia Greenshade. Apply this shade carefully, focusing on the creases and folds of the fabric. It will bring out the details and create a realistic effect.
  3. Step 3: Head
    Now, let’s paint the head with a skin tone. You can use a flesh-colored paint, like Kislev Flesh, to give the Jackal Alphus a human-like appearance. Be gentle with your brush strokes and cover the entire exposed head area.
  4. Step 4: Bike
    For the dirtcycle, go with a bold color like Mephiston Red. Paint the bike’s surface with smooth strokes, making sure to cover all visible parts.
  5. Step 5: Shade the Bike
    To add shadows and definition to the bike, use a shade like Nuln Oil. Apply the shade carefully to the recessed areas, such as beneath the seat, around the handlebars, and between any parts where shadows naturally occur.
  6. Step 6: Sniper Rifle
    The Jackal Alphus’s sniper rifle should have a sleek and menacing look. Use Abaddon Black to paint the rifle in a deep black color, providing a strong contrast against the other elements.
  7. Step 7: Shade the Rifle
    To create depth and realism on the rifle, use Nuln Oil again to apply a shade over the black areas. Focus on the areas where light wouldn’t hit directly, like the undersides of the rifle and any grooves or engravings.
  8. Step 8: Add Details
    Now, it’s time to add small but crucial details. You can use different colors like brown, orange, black, white, or metallic paints for various parts. For instance, you can use Balthasar Gold for metallic accents, Rhinox Hide for leather elements, or Fire Dragon Bright for bright markings.
  9. Step 9: Finishing Touches
    Take a moment to check for any missed spots or uneven areas. Touch up any imperfections and ensure that the paint job looks neat and polished. Once you are satisfied with the overall appearance, it’s time to protect your hard work.
    To complete the painting process, apply a varnish over the entire model. Varnishing not only adds a protective layer but also helps to seal the paint, making it more durable and resistant to chipping.

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