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Combat Patrol: World Eaters

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Build your World Eaters army with ease using Combat Patrol: World Eaters, a convenient boxed set featuring essential units, perfect for starting or expanding your forces, complete with 31 multipart plastic miniatures and 400 transfers.
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Born from the lineage of Angron, the fearsome Daemon Prince of Khorne, the World Eaters Legion stands as a chilling testament to the horrors of the Horus Heresy, when once-loyal Space Marines turned traitor. Renowned for their unrestrained brutality, the World Eaters descended into madness under the sway of Chaos, transforming into bloodthirsty warbands dedicated to the Skull God. Their sole purpose became a relentless pursuit of bloodshed and carnage in the name of their malevolent deity.

Embrace the call of the Skull Throne with Combat Patrol: World Eaters! This remarkable boxed set equips you with all the essential units to forge a formidable army or expand your existing collection.

Each component has been carefully selected to provide a ferocious core for any World Eaters force, perfectly suited for intense Combat Patrol-sized engagements. Moreover, investing in this set allows you to enjoy significant savings compared to purchasing the units individually.

With Combat Patrol: World Eaters, you can now embody the ruthless spirit of these Khorne-worshipping warriors on the battlefield. Unleash their savage fury, claim skulls for the Skull Throne, and revel in the boundless violence and savagery that defines the World Eaters.

Whether you’re a seasoned commander or a new recruit, this boxed set offers an enticing entry point to the brutal and chaotic world of the World Eaters Legion. Let the slaughter begin!

What’s in the Combat Patrol: World Eaters box?

This 31-miniature, 444 plastic components, action-packed set comes with everything you need to start your World Eaters army:

  • x20 Khorne Berzerkers – These ruthless warriors are the backbone of your World Eaters army, armed with chainaxes and bolt pistols. They will charge fearlessly into battle, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake.
  • x10 Jakhals – These fast-moving, heavily armed troops are perfect for flooding enemy lines with dangerous but disposable cultists of the Blood God. With their powerful melee weapons, they can take on a wide range of targets.
  • x1 World Eaters Lord on Juggernaut – This unstoppable juggernaut of a leader can also be built as a Lord Invocatus, making him a versatile addition to your army. He will inspire your troops with his presence and lead them to glorious victory.
  • x20 Citadel 32 mm Roun Bases
  • x9 Citadel 28.5 mm Round Bases
  • x1 Citadel 40 mm Round Base
  • x1 Citadel 90×52 mm Oval Base
  • x2 World Eaters Transfer Sheets, each containing 200 transfers

How to paint the World Eaters Combat Patrol Box Set

Here is a list of individual guides for all the figurines included in the box

Gallery of Images, Sprues and Details

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