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Death Guard – Council of The Death Lord

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This box is a cost-effective option that includes essential Death Guard units, including the mighty Daemon Primarch Mortarion, allowing you to either start a new army or expand your existing collection, with a total of 20 multipart plastic miniatures.
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Prepare to witness the relentless might of Mortarion, the imposing figurehead of the blighted Death Guard Legion, as they embark on their mission to spread the infectious “gifts” of Nurgle throughout the galaxy, corrupting all in their path, even the very fabric of reality.

Infused with the repulsive blessings of the Plague God, these warriors possess an unrivaled resilience that allows them to withstand attacks that would swiftly dispatch lesser beings.

With an unwavering determination, they march forward, dealing death with their putrid bolt weapons and rusted blades.

Contained within this boxed set, you will find an exceptionally powerful daemonic Primarch, Mortarion, commanding a stalwart vanguard comprising resilient Plague Marines and an elite squad of heavily-armored Blightlord Terminators.

Each member of this unholy force is armed with infectious weaponry perfectly suited for storming trenches or unleashing devastating ranged fusillades.

With a total of 20 detailed plastic models, this set grants you access to a plethora of formidable equipment options, making it an ideal choice whether you are starting a brand-new Death Guard army or seeking to bolster your existing collection.

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What’s in the Death Guard – Council of The Death Lord box

Death Guard – Council of The Death Lord Box

How to paint the Death Guard – Council of The Death Lord set

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