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Fafnir Rann, a character from Black Library's Siege of Terra, transitions from the pages to the tabletop, armed with twin power axes and adorned in intricate armor as part of the Black Library Celebration 2022.
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The Imperial Fists, known for their unwavering loyalty and methodical approach, find in Fafnir Rann a leader who combines these qualities with an unyielding and aggressive nature. His combat expertise is not proven in training halls but in the substantial body count left by his twin power axes. Leading the charge at the forefront of Imperial Fists assault phalanxes, Rann fights with an unshakable determination and unwavering faith in the Emperor’s dominion, earning him the title “Dorn’s Executioner.”

As part of the Black Library celebration, Fafnir Rann makes his debut on the Horus Heresy battlefields, wielding his twin axes, The Headsman and The Hunter. You can download his rules for free on the Warhammer Community website, allowing you to add this formidable and commanding warrior to your Imperial Fists Legion and make your adversaries regret the day they crossed paths with the sons of Dorn.

What’s in the Fafnir Rann box

  • x25 plastic components with which you can assemble Fafnir Rann.
  • x1 Citadel 32mm Round Base.

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