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Lorgar, Primarch of The Word Bearers Legion – A Forge World Miniature

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Embark on a spiritual conquest with the Lorgar model in Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. Unveil the power and fall of the Word Bearers' primarch in your battles.
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In the Horus Heresy era, Lorgar Aurelian led the Word Bearers Legion not merely through martial might or strategic superiority but with the intricate art of spiritual leadership and conviction. His unwavering adherence to the Great Crusade’s broader, spiritual mission ultimately led to a deviation from the Emperor’s intended path.

Subjected to scorn and harsh reprimand by his kin and the Emperor, Lorgar’s vision culminated in the tragic fall of Monarchia, a city built in reverence to the Emperor, demolished under imperial edict to quell the very notion of divine worship. This event ignited a profound transformation, steering Lorgar towards a path filled with shadowy new beliefs, thus laying the groundwork for the cataclysmic Horus Heresy.

The model captures Lorgar in the Horus Heresy, adorned in the resplendent Armour of the Word and wielding the formidable Illuminarum mace, showcasing his complex legacy as both a visionary and a harbinger of betrayal.

The rules for utilizing Lorgar to command your Warhammer: The Horus Heresy miniatures are detailed in the Liber Hereticus – Traitor Legiones Astartes Army Book.

Lorgar Box Contents

  • x17 resin components that make one Lorgar Model.
  • x1 40mm gaming base.
  • x1 60mm scenic base featuring ritualistic trappings and inscriptions.

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