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As the Horus Heresy raged on, several of the Traitor Primarchs delved into the enigmatic realms of the warp, seeking power beyond their loyalist brethren's comprehension. The Emperor's sons were a coveted prize for any deity to lay claim to, and when the Dark Gods extended their sinister invitation, one Primarch eagerly accepted.
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In the narrative of Graham McNeill’s “Angel Exterminatus,” Fulgrim became suffused with the unbridled essence of Slaanesh, achieving a divine transformation far beyond mortal imagination. In retaliation for his brother’s treachery, Perturabo struck down Fulgrim’s physical form. However, the master of the Emperor’s Children discarded his mortal shell and ascended as a Daemon Primarch.

This miniature is a breathtaking display of detail, from the intricate golden adornments on his armor to a visage that could rival the finest marble sculpture. If you’ve ever pondered how Fulgrim could embody both breathtaking beauty and monstrous serpentine allure, wonder no more – it’s enough to tempt even the most steadfast souls to contemplate a career as a Slaaneshi cultist.

With his sinuous form and majestic wingspan, Fulgrim Transfigured easily outshines his fellow Primarchs in the Horus Heresy lineup, his daemonic might making him seem colossal in comparison. As one of only two Primarchs to receive a second model, standing alongside Horus Ascended, Fulgrim sets a new standard for awe-inspiring resin miniatures.

However, it’s the finer intricacies that truly make this miniature stand out. Charms, fetishes, trophies, and ribbons adorn his mutated warplate, leaving no inch untouched by impressively gaudy accessories. Undoubtedly, he is the chosen champion of Slaanesh.

Fulgrim Transfigured will be fully playable in Warhammer: The Horus Heresy games, serving as an unmissable centerpiece for devotees of the Emperor’s Children. Imagine the daunting task of facing this formidable entity armed only with a few Dreadnoughts and boltguns.

As astonishing as this revelation is, it’s not the sole highlight of NOVA Open Preview. Check our page to see the full list of upcoming miniatures, warhammer 40k this time.

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