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Tzaangor Upgrade Pack

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Enhance your Tzaangors, Skyfires, and Enlightened with included autopistols and chainswords by easily replacing the arms on your current kit.
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The Tzaangor Upgrade Pack is a versatile collection of additional components that allow you to customize and enhance your Tzaangor units. With included autopistols and chainswords, you can easily replace the existing arms on your models, adding variety and dynamic poses to your Tzaangor forces. Unleash the fury of these savage creatures with the Tzaangor Upgrade Pack and take your army to the next level of ferocity.

What’s in the Tzaangor Upgrade Pack box

  • x5 arms holding autopistols: This upgrade is meant to provide your Tzaangor units with ranged firepower, allowing them to unleash a hail of bullets upon their enemies. By replacing the original weapons with these autopistol arms, you can add a more dynamic and varied look to your models.
  • x5 arms holding chainswords: These arms equip your Tzaangors with deadly close combat weapons. With chainswords in hand, they can carve through enemy lines with vicious precision. By replacing the existing weapons with these chainsword arms, you can give your Tzaangors a more menacing and aggressive appearance.

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