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Horrors of the Hive

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Unveil the horrors of the hive with the Screamer-Killer and Neurotyrant Box Set in Warhammer 40,000. Delve into the Tyranids' terrifying tactics and psychic dominion with these formidable bioforms!
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The Tyranid hive fleets, a formidable and diverse armada in the Warhammer 40k Universe, give rise to a vast menagerie of bioforms, each more terrifying than the last. The Horrors of the Hive Box Set introduces two such formidable creatures: the Screamer-Killers, evolved Carnifexes known for their ear-splitting howls and lethal bio-plasmic blasts, and the Neurotyrants, towering psychic overlords that weave a Shadow in the Warp, driving foes into madness.

This multipart plastic kit assembles a Screamer-Killer with its scythe-bladed limbs and armored carapace, alongside a Neurotyrant, a grotesque beacon of psychic might with a towering cranium. Accompanying them are the Neuroloids, sinister extensions of the Neurotyrant’s will. Together, they form a terrifying force, their bodies a macabre tapestry of Tyranid evolution.

These models, covered in alien details, are not just miniatures but embodiments of the Tyranid’s relentless and adaptive nature. The Screamer-Killer and Neurotyrant Box Set is an awe-inspiring addition to any Tyranid collection or Warhammer 40,000 army, offering a deep dive into the lore and a dramatic impact on the tabletop.

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What’s in the Horrors of the Hive box

This boxed set contains x34 plastic components that make 4 Tyranid Models:

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