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The Neurotyrant will make an appearance in the Leviathan Box coming this summer!
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The Neurotyrant is a support-focused tyranid organism, it has the ability to hover across terrain, much like the Zoanthrope. However, unlike its smaller counterparts, this beast boasts a multitude of thrashing tendrils that can whip at anything within its reach.

What makes the Neurotyrant truly formidable is its giant brain, which exists to focus the mental powers of the Tyranids. This allows it to increase the psychic pressure exerted by the Shadow in the Warp, a phenomenon that radiates ahead of every Tyranid hive fleet, blocking warp-based communication.

The Neurotyrant acts as a focusing node for this strange power, allowing it to orchestrate hordes of Tyranids to victory while simultaneously relaying the critical synapse network to less developed creatures.

During invasions, the Neurotyrant is a force to be reckoned with. It can liquefy the minds of its prey, leaving them helpless and at the mercy of the Tyranid swarm.

With the Neurotyrant on their side, the Tyranids have an incredibly powerful weapon at their disposal, one that can make the difference between victory and defeat.

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