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Horus Aximand

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Discover "Little Horus" Aximand, the once-trusted advisor turned traitor, in this Horus Heresy model. A figure of loyalty and betrayal, Aximand's detailed miniature brings a pivotal character to life for collectors and gamers alike - Available soon!
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Delve into the saga of Horus Aximand, known as ‘Little Horus’, a key figure once part of the Mournival and Warmaster Horus’s inner circle in the tumultuous times of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy.

This Horus Heresy model captures the essence of a conflicted leader, mirroring his gene-sire’s visage but marked by the scars of betrayal and battles. Equipped with his signature power sword Mourn-it-all, a banestrike bolter, and the unique Castigatus combat shield, this model offers customizable options, including the choice to display him with or without his helmet.

Discover his full capabilities in the detailed narratives and rules within the “Campaigns of the Age of Darkness – The Battle for Beta-Garmon” supplement, making this model a pivotal addition to any Horus Heresy collection.

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