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Iron Warriors Warsmith

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Unleash the tactical might of the Iron Warriors Warsmith in Warhammer 40,000. Explore this master of war and engineering, and delve into the dark prowess of the Iron Warriors faction. Discover more now!
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In the vast universe of Warhammer 40,000, the Iron Warriors Warsmith stands as a formidable embodiment of cunning and brutality.

Warsmiths, hailed as the brilliant overlords of the Grand Companies, are renowned for their dual prowess in military command and dark engineering.

These leaders carry the weight of their archaic titles, orchestrating the Iron Warriors’ onslaughts with a precision that meticulously dismantles adversaries.

This Iron Warriors Warsmith model is a magnificent portrayal of these storied commanders. The Warsmith, a master of both warfare and mechanized sorcery, is depicted in a stance that exudes dominance and tactical acumen.

He surveys the battlefield, aiming with lethal intent through the combi-melta, a weapon that exemplifies his dual nature.

The model’s bionic fist reveals his capability for close-quarters combat, while the intricate servo-arm, a testament to his engineering skills, is seamlessly integrated into his backpack.

Not just a strategic centerpiece in games of Warhammer 40,000, this multipart model also serves as an impressive display piece.

Its versatility allows it to represent a Chaos Lord or Warpsmith, adding depth to your Iron Warriors army. The blend of ancient aesthetics and modern detailing in this model captures the essence of the Iron Warriors – relentless, imposing, and unyielding.

Iron Warriors Warsmith Miniature information

Games Workshop has announced that this exclusive item is available on a Made to Order basis, providing fans with a unique opportunity. You can place your order for this item until 8am GMT on Monday, the 15th of January 2024. As it’s a Made to Order product, please note that it will be dispatched within 180 days of your order.

For those who might miss this limited window – don’t worry – you can still find this item on resellers like eBay or Amazon. These options are conveniently listed on our website, ensuring availability throughout the year for all enthusiasts, albeit for a higher price.

What’s inside the Iron Warriors Warsmith Box

  • x6 metal components that make one Iron Warriors Warsmith model.
  • x1 Citadel 32mm Round Slotta Base.

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