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Jump Pack Intercessors

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Witness the awe-inspiring sight of Intercessors equipped with formidable jump packs as they take to the skies, descending upon the battlefield like a relentless hammer of destruction. These swift-moving warriors engage the enemy with relentless point-blank pistol fire and the savage strikes of their chainswords, swiftly eliminating opposition before launching themselves towards the next target.
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Crafted with precision, this multipart plastic kit enables you to assemble a fearsome squad of five Jump Pack Intercessors, serving as a rapid assault force within the Space Marine ranks. These warriors are outfitted with robust jump packs, arming themselves with heavy bolt pistols and formidable chainswords. For added versatility, one Intercessor can choose to wield a searing plasma pistol instead. Additionally, the option to create a Sergeant with an array of extra weapon choices, such as a hand flamer or plasma pistol, and a power sword or power fist, adds tactical depth to your squad.

Embrace the freedom of customization with numerous cosmetic options, including the choice between bare or helmeted heads for each Intercessor, unique headgear and tilting plates for the Sergeant, and an array of grenades, holsters, pouches, and relics to personalize and enhance the appearance of your squad. Prepare to unleash the fury of these airborne warriors upon the battlefield!

Jump Pack Intercessors Datasheets

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What’s in the Jump Pack Intercessors box

  • x108 plastic components that make 5 Intercessors with Jump Packs.
  • x5 Citadel 32mm Round Bases.
  • x1 Space Marines Infantry Transfer Sheet.

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