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Kayvaan Shrike

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As the Master of Shadows, Kayvaan Shrike leads the Raven Guard Chapter and is widely recognized as their foremost warrior.
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Table-top gamers, get ready to add a formidable warrior to your Raven Guard army. Kayvaan Shrike, the Master of Shadows and foremost warrior of the Raven Guard, is now available as a 25-piece plastic set.

Known for his mastery of ambush and hidden assault, Shrike has a long and bloody history of bringing liberation to oppressed worlds and death to countless enemies.

Despite his rank as Chapter Master, he prefers to lead from the front lines, taking out enemy Characters with his special pistol, Blackout, or slicing apart foes with the unique Raven’s Talons lightning claws.

The plastic set offers a highly detailed miniature of Kayvaan Shrike, with 25 pieces to assemble. It also comes with a Citadel 40mm Round Base for easy display.

Whether you’re a Raven Guard fan or simply looking to add a skilled warrior to your army, Kayvaan Shrike is a must-have miniature.

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